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Emmanuel Greene-2017-WR-FL

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June 25, 2014 at 1:38pm

Mr. Greene is only going to be a sophomore, but has a decent amount of offers so far including Clemson, Miami,  Tennessee, Cincy, and West Virginia. Anyways kid looks really good already and he's only played one year of HS football. I came across this play from him at Miami's camp recently that was pretty ridiculous that I embeded. I included his highlights too. I'm not sure if Urban's recruiting him yet, but I'm sure he will be soon. 


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That was awesome. . .  and lookin' like he has been there before, nice!

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At first I was like 


Then I was like


Then again I was like



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I wouldn't mind seeing him protect the ball a little better but he's definitely elusive

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He's a heck of a flag football player and he's got moves. Hope he's that elusive when guys are allowed to tackle through him and not just try to grab at a flag.... So long as he's playing for the good guys. 

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It didn't appear to me that they weren't playing flag football as much as just touch. At any rate, it's hard to run through a guy that you can't even get a hand on. Boy definitely has some ankle breaking moves.

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I think having a QB like Danny Clark will help Ohio State's chances.

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Those were definitely ankle breaking moves. Was absolutely sick how he actually paused for a split second and let dude just tackle a ghost. This kid needs to gain some weight and become a RB so he can have the ball in his hands more. Those moves he just put on would put a nice big smile on Barry Sanders  face.

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OP is Mr. Greene IMO.


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