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Josh Sweat

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June 24, 2014 at 10:35pm

Saw on theozone.net that Josh Sweat, the #1 DE who hails from Virginia, will be visiting OSU this weekend. He ia being hailed as the best DE sice Clowney and once you watch his highlights you will see why. His explosion off the line and closing speed on his tackles are ridiculous! His 4.59 forty yard dash would seem to help out. I hope Larry Johnson is able to use his east coast Jedi recruiting powers to bring this guy to Columbus. The Bucks will be battling it out with such programs as GA Tech and FSU for his services and with talent like his, one must assume that it will be a fight til the end.

With Jones already in the fold, if the bucks can secure Jones and 5 * Jashon Cornell, which seems more and more realistic with every update I have read (concerning Cornell), the bucks could be in line to have the most dominating DE pair in the nation.Signs ssem to be there for the coaches as they informed Darius Fullwood that they were moving in a different direction. Lets not forget Nick Bosa the following season. In any case, the future of the OSU DL could be downright frightening. Go get em Larry Johnson and Urban Meyer!

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He will actually be visiting tomorrow instead of this weekend.  It will give him more time personally with the staff, which is a good thing.

Here's the post about it: http://www.elevenwarriors.com/forum/ohio-state-recruiting/2014/06/36837/josh-sweat-visiting

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Another post about Josh Sweat?

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Don't sweat it man, it probably won't be the last.

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Thread immediately below this one.

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Love this kid hope we have a real shot to land him.

Michael green

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Good vibes.

Full respect to Mike Vrabel, but LJSR is making his influence felt...the man has serious cred in the mid-Atlantic.

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Hov - I;m not saying it won't happen but Vrabel has a bunch of guys on the field LJ has yet to land any really big fish.  It's a little early IMO to suggest LJ is better.  That fact that we are having the conversation is encouraging.

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I'll agree, and take a step further CC - LJSR has yet to land any really big fish at OSU. But give it time...

There wasn't much I cared for regarding PSU under Paterno since they joined the Big Ten/B1G, but I had much respect for LJSR, and glad he's with the good guys now.


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Considering some of the DLs/LBs that PSU got under Johnson that's enough credit for me. I think Darius Slade is going to be special.

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I feel the same. Really excited to watch Slade. He is prob the kid that coaches say "I didn't see it, dauuuuuum

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There is a new article on bucknuts about why the visit just got better so if anyone is a member and can tell us what it's about that'd be awesome 

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His mother is going to be on the visit with him now. She said at first neither parent could make it due to conflict, but has since changed.

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Thanks. That is preatty big news bc that means he has to be serious about us. 

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Heard his brother was also

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i think Josh is a star and if he signs with us, it will be hard to keep him from starting as a freshmen....i know we will still have Bosa and Spence but this kid is good enough to go in the 1st round after his senior year in hs, and a coach from sc said he looks as good if not better then clowney at this stage with a better motor.....


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Sweat will decide in September if he plans on enrolling early or not, so if he does, and Spence goes to the draft, then Sweat could very well be our starting WDE next year.

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Good enough to be drafted in the first round after his senior year of high school. . . Let's slow this train down.

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I laughed at that too. Sorry, but no way a teenager (17,18,19 year old?) can play with fully grown men. There's a rule of 3 years removed from high school for a reason. 


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Let me rephrase. Maybe he could have played, he would not have been productive. 


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Maybe not at the start but the kid was a quicker clone of Jason Taylor at the HS level, to think what he'll become in Houston is going to be something else.

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The Bucks will be battling it out with such programs as GA Tech and FSU 


Georgia Tech is on his radar? Man they are on the come up!! 

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I think Georgia is what he meant. I thought I read that he had some relatives in Athens.

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He may be the best since Clowney, but he's not in the same universe as Clowney coming out of HS.  Clowney was a legit freakshow by any measure.  We just happened to watch his highlight video again yesterday, our reaction was laughter because it was so rediculous.  The guy had a 96 yard TD run as a fullback.

Sweat is on a similar level to Spence based on tape, Spence's speed out of his stance was superior but sweat seems to be more powerful.  Either way he's a great prospect.

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One thing IMO that helps us with guys like this is the rotation that we are going to start using this year.

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Talking with recruits, LJ's rotation is going to work WONDERS for recruiting.


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Any idea when he'll be on campus today?

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Double Want and Need

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Urbz is waiting for them in his chamber.


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I know there was a fake Josh Sweat twitter account out there before, but does anyone know if  @joshSweat9 a real or fake account? 

Saw Justin Hilliard just followed the account, I thought someone mentioned that Sweat didn't have a real twitter account.

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If I'm not mistaken, that's been asked already and it is fake.

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Errbody creepin' on Hilliard...

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Is this guy just extremely quiet?  Not very much in the way of updates from his visit (other than Birm saying it was positive).  No he doesn't have twitter, but maybe doesn't do many interviews?