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FYI. That is premium content on Bucknuts/247. You cant read it without a subscription...but you gave us the juicy bits anyway...so thanks.

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Urban and Brian Kelly are locking horns for a lot of big time prospects. My money is on Urbs

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Him or Haskins? I'll take which ever commits first

stark county football

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Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Pass' s size puts him over the top IMO

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I will never complain if OSU is looking to Pass first.

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I'm sure those crystal ball predictions will start shifting now. As it stands it is all auburn, miss st and foggy. Now does anyone know of pass or Haskins is ranked higher on the coaches' board? Also, if any of you have watched film on the two. Who would you take?

pat cozzens

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Haskins was told that he was the #1 target but I would take Pass. Pass has a bigger arm, just as accurate as Haskins, and Pass is huge at 6'5 225 pounds. He reminds me of Jamies Winston coming out of High School.


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4 days ago:
Top 2016 quarterback Jawon Pass throwing at Ohio State's camp. Urban Meyer, Mark Pantoni and Tom Herman watching.

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Great name for a QB.

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Nickname is "Puma"...

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I like Haskins a lot and if he commits soon I would take him. But Pass is my number 1 QB for 2016. His film looks a lot like Jameis Winston.


Haskins, Henry and Pass all with the good guys as their leaders

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Not to be a negative nancy, but it sounds a lot like "Wumbush, Gibson, and Nunez all have the good guys as their leaders." There is a long time to go in the 2015 class let alone the 2016 one. I agree its a good thing to be in the top two or three for each, but recruiting is a fickle bitch and A LOT can change. I just hope we don't zero in on one single guy like the last two classes and wind up losing out on the other top dogs. First one to commit out of that group is the guy I want.

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Well there's no Gibson in this class for Meyer to pass over Henry, Pass and Haskins to wait on.

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Just stop comparing the 2014 class with 2015 class. 2014 was all eggs in one basket Deshaun Watson but 2015 they offered multiple QBs. They didn't just go after one. Gibson wasn't even the first couple of QBs offered. Wimbush and Nunez were the first.

I hate it when people say this crap. And funny thing is, Joe Burrow is a heck of a QB. Who cares if he isn't the 6'5'' prototype. Kid can play. 2014 was a mistake but this year isn't. Gibson or not.

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Excellent post.

And to repeat what someone else said, the 2014 QB (Watson) and 2015 QB (Gibson) both never visited OSU.

Haskins, McIllwain, Henry and Pass have now all visited OSU at least once. Huge difference.

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While I agree that 2014 could have been handled better, I.e. Kyle Allen, I'm definitely glad we have Stephen Collier. Kid seems to be working his ass off and who knows, Troy Smith wasn't a particularly highly ranked or lauded recruit, and he was as good as anyone ever was for Ohio State. 

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I agree. I didn't mean that Collier was a mistake as much as the process that ended up with him. I think he is highly underrated and could start someday. He is not a bad QB to end up with.

I was talking more of the way the staff handled QB recruiting that year. Collier and Burrow, with coaching from Herman and Co., I would easily put up there with Watson and Gibson when all is said and done. I have confidence in both of them but moreso in how the coaches will coach them. If Gibson ends up at Tennessee, I think he will not excel as much as he could here at OSU. Watson will do fine because Dabo is a good offensive coach. But I think Collier is becoming a monster player.

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Gibson never maid it up north these guys have.

Michael green

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Things that make you go hum ----- right?

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I also just saw on twitter that Malik Henry named us his leader. It was reported by Adam Gorney, a recruiting analyst for rivals.

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Nice he is interested. Way too early. 

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Ideally, ND-OSU can run 1-2 for both Henry and Pass... then both end up with a good QB haha. Can't really go wrong with either.

How many QBs would it be realistic for OSU to take in '16?

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Well we could take 2 but it's not very likely that 2 out of Henry, Pass, and Haskins will commit to the same school.

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We spend a lot of time worrying about QBs but you don't really need to get a great QB every year. If you just get a great one every 3 years then you're probably ok. In 2004 and 2007 we didn't sign any QBS.