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0:45 mark in Gerald's video... pretty sure he just killed a guy.

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LOL if you watch that video I believe its number 57.  I think he went home and cried into a pillow and avoided eating pankcakes for the rest of the year or he still pushing that kid backwards somewhere in Ohio.  About mid way through the first quarter I would have looked at my coach and said you go out there.  

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His own player runs over him at the end of the play

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Jamel Dean is Fast!! Looks Nice!


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Was that our old friend Gibson that he picked off?

A man got to have a code...

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Gibson is a left hander

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Lmao.. watching Tyler Gerald's highlights and whoever #57 is had a really fucked up day. I almost feel bad for him.

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I try to watch the highlights for all the players we offer or end up committing. I was slow getting to Connors but after watching in, I am trying to figure out why it too so long to offer him. He is a beast and seems to always be in the right place and gets off blocks pretty Damn good.

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Connor is an old school OSU LB.  I think they told him to work on some things and if he did planned on offering him all along.