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June 18, 2014 at 1:44pm

Do we take Fulwoods commitment on the 28th now with Jones in the fold and Cornell leaning OSU? 

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I don't see why not. 

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I'm by no means an expert on recruiting but reading others' posts, Cornell could be converted to a DT after adding weight so that potential possibility, on top of never having too many great d linemen, I would say yes they would. 


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So will the staff take 5 total DL? Let's not forget about Wilkins and Gallimore at DT

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and sweat, i think he's a guy you dont say no to

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If I had to guess they're probably going to take 2 DE this class. Steve Miller is graduating. I imagine Spence could declare after this season if all goes well. We have Jones locked in now, Cornell will probably do the same thing Washington did and slide into DT if he hops on board. I would take his commitment, but I'm not sure how the staff if sitting with other recruits. 

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Fullwood's commitment will be accepted by the staff IMO. I think we'll also take Cornell and Gallimore, and we could also take a guy like Wilkins or Settle on top of that. So, that's five. And that's insanely impressive.

And hey, don't forget about Terry Beckner and Josh Sweat. We're on the outside looking in but they're both interested.

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Maybe six? Cornell, Sweat, Gallimore, Wilkins, Jones, and Fulwood. I'd think you accept Sweats commitment no matter when it happens.

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2007 Florida team beat the sh*! out of OSU up front. I think Meyer loves freak D-line and won't short change that depth.

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We take as much as possible!! Bennett, Spence, Washington, Miller gone after this season potentially, Bosa next year. You need to keep adding top end talent and establish depth this year. Take as much this year take Nick Boss next year then u can slow down on D line recruiting

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Since we are definitely losing Bennett, Frazier, Miller, and Marcus and possibly losing Spence and even Washington, I'd personally take as many of the high potential recruits that want to be Buckeyes as I can.

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Yes this is ljsr's guy. Think he was the first offer he got to make when he came here

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Well considering we didn't take a DT last class and losing up to 6 d linemen, I see spots for Wilkins, Gallimore, Cornell, Settle and Sweat, we won't get all of them of course so just add in Fullwood and were good.

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Thompson becomes a DT from last class IMO.

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I definitely trust your judgement but I'm kinda surprised they wouldn't... you think he'll end up at PSU or Maryland then?

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Man props to Mark Stoops recruiting down there. How he continues to sell these kids mediocrity is beyond me. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Birm, be more specific.....you don't think so to what? That Thompson will become a DT? Or that the staff won't take more than 4 DL?

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He was talking about fullwood.

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Im guessing he's responding to the question that was asked in the post, whether we would accept fullwoods commitment or not

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I just wonder how many DE's we'll take. We could take 4 DE and 2 DT. With the possibility of both Bennett (senior) and Washington leaving they may try to take 2 or definitely 3 DT's (Cornell could play Washington role). So then we could take 3 more DE's with Miller and Marcus (who transferred) and the possibility of Spence leaving early. So I think we take 4 DE's and 2 DT's, continuing to build the depth of a dominant D-Line.

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If Sweat comes for FNL, the staff would definitely bring out the red carpet for that kid.

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Admiral Meyer is going to have an impressive group of Destroyers in his fleet. 

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I just saw where Fullwood is headed into town to camp at OSU.  Isn't Fullwood Larry Johnson Sr's guy?  I think he ends up a Buckeye.  I don't believe Sweat does tho.  I've been wrong before and I could be wrong again.  

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Birm said he doesn't think he ends up a Buckeye but we shall see.