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When do new recruiting rankings come out?

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June 2, 2014 at 2:12pm

After the summer?

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Rivals and 24/7 I believe update them regularly, but we'll most likely see some major changes around The Opening. If you are referring to the four letter network, who cares!

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This.  They usually update them regularly, especially after some camps and during/after the season.  ESPN is the absolute worst and seems to be very slow to update and usually way out of whack from other services when they do.

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At &ichigan, in March.

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Did the Bucks move up any with the commitment of Burrow?


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Not anything meaningful.  We have 3 recruits right now.  For comparison, Bama has 17 verbals already, Clemson has 19, PSU 15, etc.  The good thing is, we are in a very good position to land some GREAT recruits before it's all said and done.

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IMO, 247sports is the best out there. ESPN's is a clown show and their analysts generally suck. Stick to 247sports. 

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247 composite is the best way to judge recruits in my honest opinion. There are  games that are played with the services and the recruits. So the average I feel gives the best indicator. Some services jack certain areas up a tad,some jack certain teams up a tad (cough ND cough Bama cough). Roll with the composite and forever be true.

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I think Rivals just updated their top 100 and 250 last week or the week before.

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