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Good morning Birm, didn't expect to see you here.

What is your take on our QB recruitment, has there been some clarity this past week?

Edit:  Considering we just got the Gray Box... I guess so.

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What's your thoughts on this idea of a lot of our targets "silent" committing, and then announcing all at the same time, in order to trump Bamas huge day a month or so ago?

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Huh? Where did you hear this?

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I've seen the idea brought up numerous times on multiple blogs/forums, usually pointing to the interactions on Twitter/Facebook of some of the recruits while on visits to Columbus.  I have no facts or basis to believe it's true, that's why I asked the question-to see if Birm had any feeling on it.

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I haven't heard much about Jerome Baker recently, are we still in the lead for his commitment?

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Torrance Gibson got into trouble this week and was dealt a suspension from his HS spring game. Is TG showing some warning signs of character problems or does this just seem like an isolated incident? Will this have any affect on our recruitment of him? I know you don't like to speculate on things like this because you're a pro, but his suspension made some waves and I'm just wondering if he's still our guy. Thanks.

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With Hale Hentges committing to Alabama, what are the Buckeye's options for the Tight End position? Also, compared to your previous predictions on who will commit to Ohio State, whom would you put on the list to likely end up in Columbus now?

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Why can't Ohio State recruit anymore?(sarcasm)

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Tough crowd


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Urban Meyer said that the staff whiffed on a few recruits in the last couple of recruiting cycles. Do you think that's factoring in to why tOSU only has 1.5 commitments thus far? Thanks and keep up the good work.

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When do you think it's time to grab a couple of local recruits who want to be buckeyes before they commit somewhere else? I read Fickell visited Conner last week. Do you suppose they gave him a timeline.

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Any idea when OSU might get another commit? 

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In regards to the misses we've had at the TE position, do you believe it's because the recruit feels he won't be featured in our offense?  Or just a case of us missing out on the target due to other factors?

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Are our past two recruiting classes with the depth they have provided negatively affecting this recruiting class? Are recruits looking at the depth chart and seeing it might not be until their junior year before they could play? I know kids are stilling committing to bama but bama is a proven winner and so far we are not, does a birth in the playoff change that perception or do we have to win it all? 



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In your opinion, what factor are causing the slow start: Franklin, no class leader, big names decide later, the way last season finished? What do you think the true reason(s) is for our humbiling start?

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Is the running game offense where Qb runs too hurt the, receiving recruting ,, 


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Chances of flipping CJ Conrad? Do u feel like we will go hard after him now that clark and hentges both seem to be heading elsewhere?

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True or False:  The real reason we're not getting recruits is that Urban accidentally pissed off Frank Underwood.



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Is it just me or are a lot of the recruits today playing the coaches all over the country for their moment in the limelight?  Top five lists, top fifteen lists, important announcement in two hours...... I'm now looking for the kids who want to play and go to school at The Ohio State University, coaching will make the difference over talent and fat heads.

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What do you think is our biggest obstacle in national recruiting, more specifically in pulling kids out of high school football hot spots vs $EC schools? Do you feel it's the lack of competition and big match ups in the potential recruits conference schedules that doesn't excite them?

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Is there any concern, regarding public perception, with OSU taking two kids (EGW and now Gibson) who've had what some might consider "serious" discipline issues in the same class? Might this lead to the national media saying, "well of course, it's Urban Meyer?"

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We keep hearing that we might potentially get commitments from SKL, Van Jefferson, D Jones, etc. What's up with these guys and why haven't any of them committed yet?

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What do you think our real chances are with the Cali QBs considering their distance?

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Hey Birm, who do you think could be this years Damon Webb and be the vocal leader of the class and recruit other players to come play for the Buckeyes? 

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Couple questions: 

What's your estimated breakdown of how many guys we take per position?

From what you've heard is Chad Lindsay expected to play guard or center? 

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Why haven't we heard from Kilby-Lane or Van Jefferson in a while? I thought their commitment was not a matter of if, but when, and was expected at any moment last month. Is this going to be yet another situation where a prospect was extremely high on OSU but, for some reason, selects to go elsewhere or is Urban puppeteering the entire thing behind the scenes and there is a method to this madness?

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How are you, Birm? 

Oh yeah... Is it reasonable?

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Really enjoyed your 'way too early predictions for the '15 class.' What changes would you make to those since you last published and why?

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ND boards seem to think that Crawford will be committing to them. What are your thoughts on his recruitment post-ttun de-commitment?

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You have Justin Hilliard CB'ed to Buckeyes here: http://247sports.com/PlayerInstitution/Justin-Hilliard-at-St-Xavier-5034...
But in your article about Predicting the Defensive Side of the Ball, you left him out: http://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/2014/05/357...
What gives?!  What are you feeling today with the latest news of him moving up his timeline along with the visits and full-court press the staff has given him?


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Birms clearly covering his bases so either way he can be like I called it told ya so 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Austin Dorris - next man up at TE? Assuming he camps, do you think he gets an offer?

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Who is the recruit that is going to come rising up all the boards this summer with camps and combines and most importantly our board and eventually have a good shot landing with the good guys?

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What's the feeling inside the WHAC regarding the start to this recruiting class? If Urban's happy, I'm happy, but as competitive as he is I'm wondering if it isn't getting a little heated in there.

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Kind of a common question but who do you think will be our next commit and when  do you think that will happen?

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Birm, do you have a good recipe for lasagna cake?

I like cookies.

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Do you think UFM will still try to get two QB's in this class?

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Are we still recruiting Tim Settle? He tweeted that he is visiting again with Burrell. 

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If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a kid commit?

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When we have a good season do you see us pulling kids that have verbals to other schools? 

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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How many silent verbals do we have?

Have the coaches changed there tactics in recruiting?


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With the Marcus departure do you think Nick Conner or another Ohio kid will get offered?  Or do you think they are still waiting to see them at camp?

Thanks, Birm!



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Do you think if by some chance we land Tim Settle and Matthew Burrell that we'd be able to flip McLean based on their relationship?

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Is Burrell on Commitment watch and could he be the leader we need for this class? 

He seems to have relationships with a lot of our high profile guys, so having him in the fold as an elite OL could really put the class in motion. 

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In one of your articles, or updates, you mentioned that Gibson asked you for some advice about how to control the process, instead of it controlling him. Do a lot of recruits you speak with ask you for advice? 

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So, how does the Burrow commitment affect the Gibson situation, if at all?

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Do you see us offering Stevens, jones, or Waller now? 

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Any idea of when Torrance Gibson is going to visit?