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Brandon Wimbush leaning PSU?

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April 29, 2014 at 12:29pm

Saw this tweet from Jbook:

Wouldn't say it means much, but still a sign that we likely trail PSU in this one.  I'm personally torn about what I want with the QB situation, but I'd be happy with Wimbush so it's disappointing to hear. 

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If Wimbush visits soon, its all OSU. I don't think he or Gibson influence each other's decision. The fact Wimbush hasn't committed to PSU is a sign that OSU is the team to beat IMO. Seems to me that those that will pick PSU do so either on or right after they visit there. 

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I see what you're saying, but I disagree in the case of Wimbush. Seems like he knows he has a better chance of playing early at OSU which is the only thing holding him back from pulling the trigger for PSU. He also said it's "iffy" that he visits OSU again now, which is never a good sign. As Birm would say, heart usually beats head, and all indications at this stage seem to be that his heart is with PSU.

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I wouldn't say the only thing holding him back. There was a reason he was favoring us so highly in the winter and last year.

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I really think its a 60/40 OSU over PSU 'heart' situation. I do believe that he wants to play at OSU but what may be diminishing the process is Franklin. I think Franklin is really convincing these kids about starting something special, and playing time as to be a part of that. The lack of depth is going to kill them if they don't hit it out of the park with recruiting and one thing Franklin can sell is that early PT is likely with the serious depth issues there. I know Hackenberg has two more years at least, one year when Wimbush would be in school, but sitting for one season won't be the cause for him to pick or not pick a place. In fact, PSU may be able to sell him on earlier playing time more than OSU given that OSU will have JT Barrett and quite possibly Gibson, along with a revitalised Cardale Jones for him to contend with. At PSU, he will have to sit at least one season behind Hackenberg but that likely redshirt season could be sold as being incredibly beneficial in his development. If he were to come to OSU its really a do or die scenario for playing time. If he were to beat out the others and start, great, but he if doesn't, he will have to sit for maybe his entire career (if Gibson were to come to OSU and win the job right away). At PSU, its just Hackenberg for a season and then its wide open. I think there is a greater risk at OSU (and greater reward) given the depth at QB compared to at PSU where they won't have nearly as talented of a player(s) for him to have to deal with. 

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You're assuming Hack goes pro then after his junior year? I could certainly see it, but that's far from a guarantee.

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They also have a pretty highly rated QB from last year's class, O'Connor I believe.

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you mean the guy that got asked to go to the UA All American game because a handful of guys in front of him got hurt? JT was the top dual threat QB in his class and Gibson is arguably the top QB in the class. Hackenberg will likely be the top QB prospect for the draft, even if he does come back from his senior year, Wimbush will have 3 years to start rather than possibly sitting his entire career.

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JT didn't end up the top rated dual threat due to injury but he was still #7 on the 247 composite. I see what you're saying, but still, I don't think anyone has been blown away by JT yet and he's in his 2nd year here. I've also seen Birm say that it's extremely unlikely that Gibson and Wimbush would end up in the same class. If Wimbush does in fact commit to OSU, I don't think he'd be keen on us taking Gibson too.  Similar to the EZE and Derrrick Green situation from a few years ago.

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Long story short, Wimbush without a doubt has a better chance to play early at OSU. But like you said, if he's willing to redshirt and then sit behind Hackenberg for a year, he'd be a shoe in to start as a redshirt sophomore at PSU.

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Michael O'Connor was a 4 star Pro-Style QB (rated 8th best in the nation by Rivals), who was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada.  He played all his football in Canada, until his sophomore year when he went to play at Baylor H.S. in Tennessee.  After beating out the senior QB for playing time and leading the team to the playoffs, he was approached by Chris Weinke (former Florida State QB) and transferred to play QB at IGS (?) Academy in Florida.  I brought him down to a couple of camps in Adover, Mass. and he blew away the competition as a 15 year old (against seniors).  Matt Light (former All Pro OT from the Patriots) was shocked by how good he was and some of the Patriot receivers who were on hand for demonstrations, only wanted Michael to throw them the ball.

At 6' 5" and 230 lbs. with some decent wheels, he's only going to get better.  He's got a tremendous arm, but most importantly, is a student of the game and a dream to coach.  Mark Dantonio made Michael the youngest player he's ever offered, when Michael stopped by for a camp assessment at MSU.





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The head makes all the decisions. 

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Twitter:  to talk in a quick and informal way about unimportant things

Good reason to ignore Twitter during recruiting - guess that means year round.

Go Bucks!

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I was under the impression that OSU has been playing catch-up on this one for a while now. At least since they hired Franklin.

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Wimbush really needs to visit here 


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If you're way into recruiting, you're also aware that OSU is pursuing at least two QBs next year currently. So, I think that they see that they may only get one. However, they could just be hedging their bets. If I had to pick, I'd say Gibson comes to Columbus and Wimbush goes to PSU.

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If the good guys can reel in Damien Harris, that may help persuade Gibson to commit as well. I agree with you that Gibson is more likely at this point.

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Just so he gives us another look.   It would be awful if he never got back to Columbus before deciding.

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Just being straight honest Cardale, JT, and Collier have a long way to go before I am comfortable with one of them being our starting QB in 2015 let along one play away from being our QB in 2014. Hack is going to be there at least through Brandon's freshman year possibly his sophomore year as well. Surprisingly I see depth at QB being more of a struggle for him at PSU than OSU currently. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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My question is: will Hackenburg struggle in a new offense? If he does that could open the "door"

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Might not even be the system but rather the fact they lost 4 OL starters and Allen Robinsons 1500 yards and double digit TDs. They didn't have the luxury we did of having top 3 classes stacked on top of each other to which to find replacements from. Have a feeling they are going to struggle mightily as a offense with all the losses coupled with a complete system and terminology overhaul.

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They lost a ton offensively. It is going to be hard for them to find replacements