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Chris Clark...

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April 12, 2014 at 10:53pm

Has re-opened his recruitment. I'll try to get in contact with him for more. Ohio State and Notre Dame appear to be major players moving forward.

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Been waiting for a gray box since the game but this might be just as good!

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Wow, this is great news. Wish the guy best of luck and hope his next school is where he feels right...and hopefully it's us!

Our Honor Defend!

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I never bought into his commitment. Committing to UNC early was just bizarre.

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I think it might be Notre Dame, but hopefully we can impress when he visits.

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The best way to impress a TE recruit is to throw our current TEs the ball. 

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If that were the case he would stick with UNC, they had the best one in the country last year.

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Technically if that were the case he'd go to Texas Tech. Jace Amaro came down with 106 catches for over 1300 yards and 7 TDs

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He related to Anzalone?

I kid, I kid

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Hopefully not another Gunner(Indiana, LSU, ND, Cincy) Kiel.


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Hope we don't put Hentges on the back burner!! Not sold on Clark being a part of this class at all.


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It's obvious we need more TEs and Clark could play right away. This is a great fit for both, hopefully we'll get him in the end.

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Over Vannett and Baugh? I don't think so

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I thought the same thing.  I don't see him coming in and taking time away from Vannett at all.  If Baugh continues to straighten things out, he wouldn't take time from him either.  I'm personally hoping the Ohio kid tears it up when he camps and gets his offer.  

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CC - got to love him - and worry about the logistics later