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Mailbag Questions....

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April 6, 2014 at 11:19pm

Let's have them. Taking questions through 10pm Monday night.

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Birm...I read an article somewhere that his Wimbush quoted as saying tOSU is still recruiting him the hardest. Most think PSU is the team to beat right now...Where would you put our odds at on landing the talented QB? And when do you see him deciding?

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Who is your early pick (s) to be the recruit we don't hear much about until closer to February then end up signing a la johnnie dixon this past class.

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As you know, a lot of people, including myself, are going just a little stir crazy..In your opinion when is the next commit coming?

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In your honest opinion do you think Urban's formula this year is to not offer so many so early because there is so much talent and only so many spots? I believe he eluded to this earlier and I am sure he wants the cream of the crop without making any mistakes. 

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With the latest interest around in-state quarterback Joe Burrow (Athens High School), do you believe Urban Meyer and Ohio State are recruiting and signing two quarterback for the 2015 class? Or are they covering their options? 

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This may sound a little crazy and maybe unlikely but hear me out.. What it after this year, Jeff Driskel continues to grow frustrated with Florida's offense and decides that he will use the graduate transfer rule and come to play under Urban Meyer. Urban is the man who recruited him to be his next 'Tebow' at UF and his skills would fit well into Urban's offense. Driskel would be a RsSr next year and if he graduates on time, could transfer with out sitting out a  year. He's a very good athlete with an above average arm. With Braxton gone and if Jones and Barrett are not yet ready to lead our offense could you see Urban possibly recruiting him to play his final year in the 'Shoe?


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Although unlikely IMO, this is a really good question.

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Jeremy, which OL do we stand the best chance with?


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Justin Hilliard's Crystal Ball is all over the map.  When do you think things will become more clear, and will that mean he is a Buckeye?


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Is there any news on Bryce Love? I haven't heard much on his recruitment.


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Where do you think Wimbush and Nunez currently end up? Is Nunez still favoring OSU?

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What is going on with Wimbush? Is he still high on the good guys

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Is there any reason the football program has appeared to have less 'big weekends' this off season. I remember last year there were a couple huge junior days when the recruits would come in to watch a basketball game and take in the school. I never heard of that occurring this year. And the recruit list for the spring game looks lighter than what it has in the past. Is this a choice by the staff to stay more focused on the team and let recruiting flow more naturally or just a different vibe with this recruiting class?

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Is there a recruit waiting in the wings that could be this year's Dame Webb? I know we have three commits for 2015, but none have seemed to take on a leadership role for the class yet.

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It seems lately that there is little news on Nunez, as most of the focus is on Gibson, understandably so. Are the Buckeyes still in good standing with Nunez and is there a possibility that he'd still come to OSU even if they land another QB in the class?

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Any news on the defensive line front - especially regarding Adam McLean from Gaithersburg, MD? Looks as though (honestly hate to post this) Penn State is the leader for him right now. Appreciate the info.

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Hey Birm,

Thank you for all you do with OSU recruiting!

Where do the Buckeyes stand with Minkah Fitzpatrick? I would really like to see him in this class.

Also, what does your gut tell you on the Hale Hentges recruiting? I am hoping he follows the EZE path from Missouri to Columbus!

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What is the current state of Tim Settle's recruitment?

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How do you see the linebacker class shaping up?

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You've stated on a couple of occasions how important it is that Ohio State sign at least eight or nine Ohio prospects. I wonder if you could elaborate on why you think that is so important, and who you think those eight/nine guys might be this year.

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Maybe just combine or throw it in with his question. How many Ohio guys do you see signing at this point? Seems like it could be very few this year like 7 or less.

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Little off topic but here it goes...jäger bomb chilled or straight??

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Which small school prospect could you see warranting an offer late in the year? Divisions 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 in Ohio.

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Do you think OSU's policy of wanting to see kids at camp prior to getting an offer in some cases helps/hurts the recruiting process?

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I posted the following (or most of it) this past Sunday in another forum thread… 

How long will Conner be okay with being Urban Meyer's second or third choice? I mean, is it wise for the staff to continue to put off a talent like Conner, a 4 star Columbus kid who obviously wants to be a Buckeye, while continuing to woo higher rated players who don't seem to have the same affinity for Ohio State? I'd hate to see OSU lose out on a kid who very much wants to be here while waiting on a few others who are just as likely to go elsewhere as to Ohio State. Conner feels like that special combination of talent and Buckeye wannabe, and before too long he might start to get offended (i.e. pissed) that he's being put on hold while Meyer looks for a prettier girl to take to the dance.

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So what happened with Steven Gonzalez out of New Jersey? We weren't that interested in him, correct? A plan B guy?

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Birm, could you please go a little more in depth regarding the recruitment of Nick Conner?  I've read that Conner sits 4th or so on our list for LB, behind Kilby-Lane, Baker, and Hilliard.  All (3) of those are OLB.  Conner is a MLB, so how does this translate in your opinion?  We also seem to be taking (2) at the H position every year.  Meyer has openly stated that he believes in a stable of playmakers (10-12), but we only have one football.  We have tremendous talent already from (2) classes with Wilson, Marshall, Dixon, and Samuel and will inevitably bring in a few more.  I think there is a little sting with the fan base because of hard nosed kids like Kuechly and Borland finding success when we have had trouble at the MLB spot.  I saw that Conner is also not planning to come to the spring game due to making a visit to Notre Dame.  I'd like to know where you see this headed for us and Conner.

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 Based off of the previous question, other than the well known Christian Kirk, who do you think are those two H-Back players? Also do you think we have a good chance to land Christian Kirk?

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He's said that Kirk was serious about OSU because he came all the way out to the Midwest and made no other visits but OSU.

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Maybe an odd question but do you think we have a shot with some kids out west? It just seems like we miss out on a lot of good California kids among others out west and I was wondering about it

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Being from southern California I know it takes a special circumstance for a kid to come out to Ohio State (family in Ohio, or family graduating from tOSU) 95% of my family lives in Ohio (father was in the military and was stationed in San Diego) and I was raised an Ohio State fan (the reasoned I attended)  Other than that the dream choice for California kids especially southern California (where most sports talent out here is) will always be 1. USC  2. Oregon   3. UCLA .... after that it's usually UW or ASU, and even U of A. Every now and then we can get one, but not real likely.

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Any update on Indiana QB Stevens?

I'm newer to the recruiting scene. Would love to hear the differences between Urbs and Tress! 

I take it that 4-5* kids hold out longer?

With a great stable of RB that we have, how many do we take in this class?

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I haven't heard anything at all about Terry Beckner Jr but apparently he is a buckeye lean? I saw his crystal ball predictions were mostly osu

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With Wimbush being what seems to be a fall back option to Gibson do you think it has hurt with Fitzpatrick because they are teammates and want to play at the next level together?

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That's the fan perception but OSU is recruiting Wimbush harder than PSU even

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Do you think Nick Conner, and CJ Conrad will have offers by August?

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What is the true impact of Jennings signing with Vols and Gibson? Where does that put us in the race? 

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Hey Birm,

What is the latest on legacy C.J. Sanders? Is the staff recruiting him hard or have they focused on other targets? Just curious because last summer it looked like he was all buckeye but I haven't heard much about that possibility since.


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This is a basketball recruiting question, but i've heard rumors that Calipari is rumored to be the next LAL coach. Would this make Kentucky a non "one and done school" or would they still continue to recruit the best?

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What is going on with James Clark?

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