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Justin Hilliard Visit

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March 22, 2014 at 3:55pm

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Would love him in this class, but something tells me he won't be. Think Notre Dame and Iowa will be tough to beat for his services. But with that said, trust in Urban. If anyone can keep an "Ohio" kid home, it's Urban and company.


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I would think he will wanna play with his brother at Iowa. Though I want him in this class, I would rather him go there than anywhere else. 

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And people thought that Rod Smith's brother, and Heuerman's brother were coming to OSU.  Doesn't always work that way.

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Jaylon Smith is Rod Smith's little brother. I didn't DV you, but you might take it on the chin for that one. 

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Big kid with some nice skills - you can never have enough of those

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Definitely the top priority in Ohio.  Do not want another one to get away.  Would be a huge get to pry him out of Cincinnati, where we usually don't have too much success recruiting.

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As long as he doesnt go to scUM or ND or the sec I wont feel that bad if he doesnt come to tOSU. We do still need him badly and he should have the full court press on him. Sad thing is I think Kwon may scare him off to some where else. I know some services list him as a OLB but he will be a beast in the middle for somebody.

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Sometimes I forget that Luke isn't a small guy.

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His highlight tape looks alot like shazier. Runs people down all over the field and blows people up. Also a good edge rusher. One of my favorite players in this class talent wise

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Are we the leaders now do you think


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Don't know anyone that puts osu as the "favorite" to land him. I assume osu is top 3 as they have always been. Kid has visited osu and mich MANY times and doesn't give much when it comes to clues about his thought process.

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No favorite yet, just a top 15

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Nice fit definitly nice fit

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I'm just curious as to why he has visited so many times. Not being negative but does he just love the place so much or is it more of he can basically set up a visit there anytime he wants and see the coaches and facilities and whatnot. I'm just confused. A lot of visits is never a bad thing obviously but he has been there so many times and no one thinks OSU is the leader? Is he good like Raekwon at keeping this quiet or does he just enjoy the attention? Seems like a great kid and obviously one that I would love to see Urban reel in

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Seems as if he's like Raekwon at keeping it quiet. They both seem like similar players maturity-wise.

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I had only heard of two visits, but I am not exactly pouring over his twitter and cyber stalking him. I think if he visits more than 2 times, it has to be a good thing. Logically it makes sense that Ohio State had a lot of catching up to do and he really enjoyed his first visit and he's been back multiple times to reinforce his original positive impression. Even if I am wrong it sounds good to me. I'll keep being positive that we get him until he goes elsewhere. Mr. Hilliard, come on down. We have a giant ball we all want to get rolling on 2015!

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We want this young man, and have offered him.  He's been up here a lot, on his own.  If we aren't his leader, I'd expect that we are close.


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My guess is you could probably dig up a picture of Damien Harris or George Campbell wearing Michigan gear as well.  How'd that work out?  Not worried about Michigan or Iowa on this one.  It's an OSU/ND battle.

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That is interesting that you say it is an OSU/ND battle.  But just as you didn't claim he was a Columbus lock, I didn't claim that we owned his commitment either.

Actually, when I posted, what I was really thinking was that if we don't get him, this would be a case where no one in Ann Arbor should be heard to claim, "He was never a priority for us anyway..."  What I am saying to you is that I'll have to concede that it's a disappointment if we aren't in this recruiting battle to the end. 

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Yes, but was he actually convicted of committing?

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And there are pics of Erick Smith and Marshon Lattimore in Michigan jerseys. I'd say 99.9% of recruits take pics in the gear of the school they are visiting. It means literally nothing. Now having said that, I don't want to see our guys in Michigan shirts, hats, or jerseys. 

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Oh yea! Rub salt in those wounds! That's what I am talking about!

Seriously though, fuck Michigan.

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I wonder how he'll feel after Michigan loses 4-6 games in 2014?

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M Man is right, Michigan is right in the mix. Ohio State, Notre Dame, Iowa, Michigan and Oklahoma seem like the main 5 right now

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Long way to go here for any and all teams recruiting Hilliard. No point in getting worked up about it now.

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that's the mentality I have with the whole thing....this is gonna be a long ride and I'm not getting overly excited one way or the other about anything that comes out, reminds me a little of Vonn Bell's recruitment


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If UM loses 5 or more games this year (which would be the 3rd year in a row), how much longer will the fans and their AD be happy with being an average football program? If I'm a top recruit I would question the stability of the program and the coaching staff.