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Hey birm Larry Scott??

m5987usus's picture
March 12, 2014 at 11:30pm

Hey birm and staff with Larry Scott visiting us do you think that will make us the leaders again??

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Jeremy Birmingham's picture

I think the visit will go a long way towards answering any questions Scott has about the status of the offer. If he's eligible and in good-standing academically, the Buckeyes need to really impress upon him the value of staying in state. As of now, I still think MSU is the team to beat.

Ahh Saturday's picture

Academic issues aside for the moment, does Scott seem like a guy who is interested in OSU?  Some in-state guys grew up loving the Buckeyes and would jump at the offer, some want to get away from the home state school, others are indifferent.  Which kind of guy is Scott?  Also, what do you make of his interest in MSU?  Is it genuine, or is it because it is his best early offer?

Seattle Linga's picture

Good kid - with lots of talent - 10.5 moths till NSD is a long ways away and anything can happen,

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Jeremy Birmingham's picture

Best RB in the state and to keep him away from MSU would be icing on the cake. If they offered him - even in a "conditional" manner - it's because they believe he is capable of making an impact at Ohio State.

Seattle Linga's picture

The last thing I want to see is this kid go to MSU only to come back and tear it up.

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Kinda like le'veon bell didn't do?

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I really want him to be a Buckeye.

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