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Skill position recruiting 2015

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March 10, 2014 at 12:54am

Hey birm and the staff and fellow buckeye fans!!! I was wondering what recruits are we recruiting this year for the skill position hybrid position? Who is this recruiting class curtis samuel or dontre wilson for us?

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Kirk (pictured in the middle) got his invitation to The Opening today. He was one of only five juniors there last year:

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Absolutely sick if we get Capt Kirk from Arizona to Ohio State. Our chances are as good as anybody in the country. The way Urbs has been recruiting the position, we have a damn good shot. I'm wondering who our primary recruiter is in Arizona though, maybe Hermann?

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Eric Williams, the first commit for the class could be considered as he is an "athlete"


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Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Christian Kirk isn't going to be used in the hybrid position.  He said in an interview with Birm that the staff was selling him on being a Philly Brown type of WR.  

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Kirk would be quite a pull. TX A&M appears to be the team to beat and his best friend Kyle Allen is the QB of the future there. I do think OSU is in his top 5 though, and a lot can change over the next year or so. In the end I don't see OSU being his destination, but with Curtis Samuel and Dontre Wilson in the fold already it won't be a big blow.

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We'll see.  He's not a stranger to Torrance Gibson either. 

I think if we land TG our odds for can only Kirk go up.