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11W Community Interview Series: Darius Slade

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March 8, 2014 at 12:05pm

Now taking questions for Darius Slade, Ohio State's 23rd signee in the "Dream '14." Remember, vote on all the questions, the aim is for the questions with the most votes to be the questions that get answered. 

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TUNBUCK89's picture

How hard was it for you to make the decision to switch your commitement from the Spartans to the Buckeyes on NSD without even visiting the Ohio State campus?

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Killer nuts's picture

What is it that you love about the opportunity to play for Larry Johnson?

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buckguyfan1's picture

Welcome to the Buckeye Family Darius, describe the feeling you get when you come hard off the edge and sack the quarterback for a big loss.  

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Silver Bullet 10's picture

What are three of your strengths as a person? Football player?

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ODEEZ330's picture

How familiar are you with the silver bullets tradition? What one former or current buckeye d lineman would you compare yourself too? (I'm thinkinh thad gibson)

stark county football

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route4buckeye's picture

Have you talked to any commits in your fellow class yet?

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Alpo's picture

You committed to the buckeyes before taking an official visit. After finally taking the trip, what are some things that confirmed you made the right decision?

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TUNBUCK89's picture

Was your relationship with Larry Johnson Sr. & the fact he was hired to coach at tOSU the main reason that finally tipped the scale for you in favor of the Buckeyes ?

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HotSauceCommittee's picture

What is your favorite thing about football? What makes you train and play hard?

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buckeye4life050233's picture

After not visiting Ohio State at all during your recruitment what is your thoughts about The Shoe and the Woody now that you have visited???

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

What's it like to fight against Batman and the Teen Titans?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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BassDropper I hope you're not being serious!!

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buckskin's picture

Did you pick up any differences in defensive philosophy between MSU and OSU after having been committed to both?  You made a great decision.

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teddyballgame's picture

what are your hobbies or interests outside of sports?

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Seattle Linga's picture

We've seen your commitment on the field - tell us about your off-field commitments? Welcome about - you're a great addition.

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oregonianbuckeye's picture

What do you plan on majoring in at tOSU?

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