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Top Recruiting Misses in last 5 years (since 2009 class)

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March 4, 2014 at 12:17pm

Since we so used to Ohio State landing these top 5 classes as of late, I thought we could level our heads a little bit by thinking of the recruiting misses we have had the last 5 years (since 2009 class) and come back down to Earth a little bit as I think some of us take for granted that Meyer is an amazing recruiter and we assume we will have a top 5 class on a yearly basis even though it shouldn't matter because rankings aren't everything.

You can list your top recruiting misses in order. 1 being the biggest miss. feel free to explain why each player is ranked where they are or made the list.


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Ryan Timmons the 2013 class


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Good lord, it's a wonder we even fielded a team after losing that kid.

In fairness to him though, it did seem like he had a pretty good season for the Mildkittens...

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Clever Statement

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1. Luke Kuechly (2009) - Plays LB and is a stud. Attended Cincy St. Xavier HS in Ohio & from our backyard. Tress & staff completely overlooked this dude & he is balling out in the NFL as well. I cant even imagine this dude at OSU. He would most likely be right up their with Hawk and Laurinaitis.

2. Stefon Diggs (2012) - Is one hell of a playmaker. Many thought we had a great shot at landing him. chose to stay home. was a 5 star freak. He is doing big things at Maryland, now imagine him at OSU!! This kid could of been that star receiver we lacked this year as we mainly spread the ball around to guys @ WR.
3. Jordan Hicks (2010) - Plays LB & has been a good college player at Texas. Was a 5 star in our own backyard in Lakota West Chester, OH. Most likely would have made our LB group very solid over the past couple of years teaming up with Shazier.
4. Trey Depriest (2011) - Plays LB & has been a good college player at Bama. Was also a 5 star in our own backyard in Springfield, OH. Most likely would have made our LB group very solid over the past couple of years teaming up with Shazier & possibly Hicks (see above).
5. Ethan Pocic (2013) - HUGE, athletic Tackle who we could really use this year opposite of Decker. We led for the kid for quite sometime and plenty thought he would be a Buckeye. chose LSU instead. was a very highly rated tackle.
6. Jaylon Smith (2013) - Athletic freak @ LB. Many thought we were the favorite, but lost a close one to ND. He has been very good at ND in just 1 year. if only he was @ OSU to lead the LB corps this year. Were prolly going to wish we would have landed this guy.

Wild cards: Hunter Bivin (2013) - tackle, same thing as Pocic but was a ND lean.
Dan Fox (2009) - another Ohio LB who was pretty good at ND
Jarrett Grace (2011) - another Ohio LB who has been pretty good at ND
Jake Ryan (2010) - another Ohio LB who has been pretty good at scUM
Joe Bolden (2012) - another Ohio LB who will be the next Jake Ryan
Deshaun Watson (2014) - Even though he was committed to Clemson the whole time we tried, we tried way to much and hard and miss out on other top targets trying to get him and we missed. would be higher but hasn't proven himself yet
Mike Gesicki (2014) - put a lot of work into this guy to miss on him. TE position is thin & with the Baugh crap going on, landing Gesicki would be even more important. kid is an athletic freak as well. would be higher but hasn't proven himself yet
Derek Kief (2014) - 6'5 200 lb WR which we could really use & is from our own backyard. could be higher but hasn't proven himself




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Good list. I agree with pretty much everything, but Bolden. He's in year 3 at UM and is seemingly losing ground. It's make or break time for him now.

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Nice list - my knee jerk response was Kuechly, Hicks and Depriest.  

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Hicks had ties to UT, and if i'm not mistaken never wanted to go to Ohio State.

I assume when it says recruiting misses, it means kids that weren't offered or overlooked, not the ones that got away.

Kuechly would be a genuine miss since I don't think he was offered and turned out to be a stud.

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The guys you flat out overlook are the ones that hurt, because the other kind -- players you really want who simply pick another school -- well, there's literally not a team in America that doesn't have those. 

I think you really have to concentrate on positions that have been weak links here in the last few years, especially linebacker. There have to be a ton of LBs just in Ohio who we would have been better off offering scholarships to than the collection of future transfers and busts who have been signing here of late.

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Chris Borland (2009)  He was looked at as undersized coming out of HS, but turned out to be a fine LB for Wisconsin anyway.

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Borland was a helluva player, true, but as I recall it, he was a Wisconsin legacy and we were never really in the hunt.

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The thing is, if there was a guy right now exactly like Borland coming out of high school, and the staff offered him, people here would freak out about it. Undersized linebacker who only runs a 4.8? Yeah, hindsight is 20/20.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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Nothing like passing on a Kettering home towner 

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Lamarcus Joyner CB, Marlon Brown WR, Tajh Boyd QB, Nick O'Leary TE, Aundrey Walker OL,  Shariff Floyd DT are others that come to mind/

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Marlon Brown wasn't a good college receiver. If I remember right, he was the top kid at his position in h.s. and never lived up to the hype.

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I'm interested to see how Ferns does at TTUN.  He is one that got through the net (even though he was a big Wolverine fan and lean);  hopefully his career is like Bolden's and not Ryan's.  I still think if Rod's career would have been a little more positive here, then Jaylon would have attended here.  He was dynamic last year for ND as a true freshman.

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  1. Stefon Diggs
  2. Jaylon Smith 
  3. Mike Heuerman
  4. James Quick
  5. Tyler Luatua 

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I thought Jake Butt was impressive last year for Michigan.

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Anothony Davis (Rutgers,Oline), Ryan Kelly (Alabama, Oline), Chris Borland (WIS, LB), Lamarcus Joyner (FSU, Oline) & Greg Jones (MSU, LB)

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I like your list, but Joyner was a safety for FSU not an offensive lineman