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Thoughts on Torrance Gibson's future commitment

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February 25, 2014 at 7:12pm

Does anyone thinks he commits a lot early than expected?

I almost expect him to commit after his summer visits. I know that currently he says he won't commit till the Army bowl, but a while back he said he wanted to commit early to draw in players and start a "dynasty". QB's also tend to commit fairly early in the process if I'm correct.

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According to Gene's Quick Bits today, it sounds like he may very well commit after his visits. Either way, I hope he commits when he is certain, and he is doing due diligence by taking his visits first.

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All I ask is that UFM gets the last chance - the ultimate closer

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I have no inside information.  I also recognize that TP waited until after NSD to commit.  However, from a QB's perspective, I would think it'd be difficult to wait until the last minute to commit because the schools all recognize that they have to be solid at the most important position on the field.  The Buckeyes are a perfect example this year in that they didn't get their home run choice last year so now they need to hit a home run this year - they can't afford take any chances, i.e., waiting until the end and coming up empty handed.  Also, a QB gets all the credit when you win and all the blame when you lose.  Because of that, a QB is going to want to recruit other skill position players and perhaps even high profile OL players to make sure he has the best chance possible to put up huge numbers.  Waiting until February to piece all that together would seem like a high risk if you truly are a blue chip QB prospect that plans on an NFL career. 

Of course, I'm not 18 anymore, so the length of the skirts on campus might be just as influential - who knows.

Yeti's have feelings too.

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Early commit = early enrollment = more practice time = faster learning curve = game-ready