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Torrance Gibson Podcast/Interview: "I would like to get out of Florida".

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February 24, 2014 at 6:17am

AUC Recruitcast: Torrance Gibson

February 23, 2014

Recruiting Insider Keith Niebuhr speaks with 5-star dual-threat quarterback Torrance Gibson about the pros and cons of being an elite recruit, interests in Auburn and more on this episode of the AUC Recruitcast. 

Gibson talks mostly about Auburn, but mentioned that Ohio State is one of the schools recruiting him the hardest and he says, "I'd like to get out of Florida". Gibson isn't afraid of competition or having another quarterback in the same class as him, he runs a consistent 4.40 40yard dash with his fastest being a 4.37 and his mom and high school coach will likely be the two biggest people in his life to help him make his college decision.

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I hope Gibson ends up choosing to have his locker at Ohio State: 



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I assume the guy interviewing is an Auburn guy. Am I correct?

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He ain't no Birm.

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Mob Boss: Keith Niebuhr is at AUC aka Auburn UnderCover, which is Auburn's version of Bucknuts on 247Sports. You can click the link at the top of my OP to go to the original page.

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Be a tough fight between us and Auburn I think. I think till come down to what type of spread he wants to run. Auburn's is very much a run first spread whereas I believe Urbs and Herman want to run a pass first type of spread, where the primary goal is to throw the ball but if the defense gives you room to run, run. 

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Has he visited Columbus yet? If not, does he have one set up for the spring game ?

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TUNBUCK: Gibson hasn't visited Columbus yet, but as of now he plans on it sometime this summer 

Also, last month Herman visited him, in December Urban visited him and he watched/went to Ohio State Orange Bowl practices 



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I hope he chooses OSU.

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He sounds like a very down to earth kid with a great attitude and work ethic. I hope he choices the buckeyes but if not you can't help but to wish him luck because of how well rounded he is.

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I agree. Here's to hoping he picks the good guys! 

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His high school coach is in love with UFM so that is a huge bonus that he will be a part of his college choice so that is awesome!


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Depth chart looks good here. JT/Cardale next year most likely. Collier is the only other QB on the roster. Tough to beat the positives for OSU considering the weapons being added on a yearly basis. Urban helped make the spread what it is today. I like our odds!

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We need this kid - love his game and speed