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Mickey Mitchell???

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February 13, 2014 at 12:38pm

With Mike heading home, there has got to be a high chance of Mickey staying home? The Kid is a flat out baller, what are you all thinking?

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Losing Mickey will sting more than losing Mike, IMO. Hopefully, his father's condition improves and Mickey feels comfortable leaving home for Columbus.


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While yes from a basketball standpoint that's true, it comes off as mighty crass to say you hope someone's father gets better so his son can come play hoops for your favorite school.


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I appreciate your opinion and I am sorry you took it that way. I did not, however, say that I hope that his father gets better SO THAT Mickey can play basketball for Ohio State. I said that hopefully his father gets better and Mickey feels comfortable leaving his side. I would much rather see his father's health improve over seeing Mickey in scarlet and gray.


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I remember when Mickey committed his father made the comment along the lines of, "He went up there and saw how much fun Mike was having, working hard at his craft..."

I would think that Mike's situation will have a pretty big impact on Mickey's future at Ohio State. That being said, I REALLY want Mickey here at tOSU. If you guys haven't watched this previously,....enjoy!


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This is not the first time I've seen this highlight video but watching it this time made me think...

This kid looks like a combination of Magic, Bird and Charles Barkley.

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This is my first time seeing this video. WOW. Mickey likes to dunk. 

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Im hoping that Mr. Mitchell gets better in time to where mickey and mikey can both come to and come back to OSU.  Get better Mr. Mitchell, this situation is more important than any football or basketball recruit, get well soon.


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As a huge fan of college sports, my first response to Mike transferring was 'that is going to hurt our linebacker depth'...Sometimes we have to give ourselves a reality check and realize these are kids, and family is more important than any college game, even at Ohio State. I would assume Mickey is staying home as well, and I wish both of them best of luck...I am trying not to become like that Orr guy who mouthed off to Smart last week...

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Did Mickey sign a NLOI and if he did, wouldn't tOSU have to release him?

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No he did not, it was a verbal. Mickey is part of the 2015 class and is not yet allowed to sign a NLOI.



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Even if he did I'm sure Matta would let him go back home to be near his father.

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Mickey is halfway thru his junior year.  His father's health either positively or negatively has a long time to play out before he needs to pull the trigger.  He doesn't have to sign in the early signing period and can wait until April of 15 to eventually sign, so there is plenty of time for this to develop.


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I am sure that Mike will be in Mickey's ear but as boys grow towards becoming men - they sometimes will be forced to make decisions that they are not always prepared to make. I really hope he stays selfishly. 

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Anyone who's had an ailing relative, especially a parent, can certainly attest to the fact that sickness cares little about timing. In Mike's case, the imperfect storm of being a freshman, far away from home, not playing, and with a sick father is pretty damn considerable. I hope for his sake that everything works out for him. As noted above, however, Mickey is a junior, has at least the next year and a half at home, and will hopefully see his father get well. I believe they have younger siblings as well, for whom this probably won't be a factor. Life's crazy script.

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Any updates on this? I don't want to be crass (as I don't know the family's health or financial particulars) but would it be legal for the OSU community to raise funds for Mr. Mitchell's condition/treatment? The benefit wouldn't be going to his kids--but to him.

I know nothing about this family other than Mickey and Mike both seems to be stellar individuals--but would have to imagine Mr. Mitchell isn't working full time. If it's needed, this seems like a good person to do some crowd-source fundraising for.

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I can't see why that would be illegal, but I haven't heard that money was a problem.

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I seriously doubt that Mickey ends up at OSU. Mike was here and left to be closer to home. Even if dad improves I'd think Mickey will stay closer to home. I completely understand wanting to be near family. This is a big, close family and I don't see Mickey leaving the area. JMO.