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Sh'mar Kilby-Lane

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February 12, 2014 at 8:40am

After watching the latest commit, Ben Edwards, coming up like a truck to deliver huge hits, I looked through some other potential recruits and found Sh'mar Kilby-Lane. His favorite school is OSU and is considered to be Urbans to lose. This is another absolute head hunter. This guy is Raekwon 2.0 in my opinion. He is listed as MLB and OLB.  Watch his highlights and enjoy.


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Talk about playing with a chip on your shoulder... WOW!

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UFM has his eye set on the top recruits in the nation. Can't wait to see who we bring in next year. Give Mick some time to shed some weight from this kid and throw on the muscle and he will be even more dominate!

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This dude is nasty

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Not really comparable to Raewkon at all.  If anything, I'd say Shazier 2.0. 

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Can see what you mean with the comparison. The way they play may not be identical but in comparison he may be as big a get as Raekwon for this class. He is an intense player, you can see that in the film. Edwards plays the same way. The type of play OSU needs from the defensive side of the ball.

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Yes Please!!! Will be a tackling machine

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I'll be in the minority on this one: wasn't impressed at all after looking at his tape. If you watch his highlights, I saw at least 3 cheap shots by him in the first couple of minutes. He also seems a little stiff during play. 

Wish nothing but the best for the kid.

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So going on like everyone else has you're saying he's Taylor Lewan 2.0?

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True point on the c-shots but that can be corrected and that kind of crap won't be tolerated by Urban or any other coach on staff.

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Call me a fan. Would love to add him to our class. Has a nose for the football and never saw him take a bad angle or miss on a tackle. Have Connor, Hilliard, and Kirby-Lane, and call it a day


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Defiantly a fan of this kid. Easily looks like Shazier 2.0 but also reminds me of Dante Booker Jr playing style. Kid looks like a straight beast. Hopefully Meyer stays on him and we lock him up soon! Go Bucks!


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I sure hope the staff likes Jerome Baker at running back because with Kilby-Lane and Conner favoring OSU as well as us possibly leading for Justin Hilliard and Ricky DeBerry, we should be absolutely stacked at linebacker for this class!

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The rich keep getting richer

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This kid is fast, big and plays angry. Everyone is saying Shazier 2.0 or Raekwon 2.0 but I see Lauranaitis 2.0.

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I disagree.  Laurinaitis was/is a form tackler with very good technique.  Shazier was a good tackler, but his technique was not at the same level as Laurinaitis, which led to missed tackles by him.  Both were great Buckeyes, but after watching this kids film I would say he is more like Shazier, but bigger (at least he looked pretty big on film).

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He has to be a high priority for this class.  

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Got to love the Urban and Florida thing, it's awesome


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He's no kid ............ he's a man - this kid can ball - those are some epic highlights

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I didn't see any cheap shots.

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he's good but he can use some improvement on his tackling technique.  His head is constantly on the wrong side of the ball carrier and he is not always driving through the ball carrier.  It seemed to me he was swinging around the them often, which leads to missed tackles in the B10.  Can it be fixed, absolutely.  Technique is everything, especially when you are playing against people that are just as athletic as you are.  (See all the missed tackles over the past two years)

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Urban and Florida got to love it


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If we get 3 out of Kilby-Lane, Conner, Hilliard, and DeBerry I will be a happy man. Our front seven will be scary in a year or two and for several years after.

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Any chance we land all 4 and deberry moves to viper

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