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Damien Harris and Liam McCullough

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February 12, 2014 at 7:57am

I heard Damien Harris was on campus last night. What are the chances we land him? I hear both not good and very good

I saw a bunch of crystal balls for Liam McCullough last night. I heard he may have committed.

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Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

I think our chances with Harris are great.  He was on campus last night and got to see everything the OSU campus has to offer as well as realizing his potential to be a two sport athlete in football AND basketball.

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Just noticed that McCullough is from my HS. I think he would be the first recruited player from there. Turano went to Kilbourne, but he made the tOSU team as a walk-on...

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Turano also went to BG first as I recall.  Also a fellow Kilbourne alum here!

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Judging by your profile pics, u guys are probably related.

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I want Harris for the simple reason it would be a huge burn for Hoke and UM fans.  Aside from that, the fact he is number 1 ranked RB would be the cherry on top.

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#1 RB always a good thing, watching Mgo's site somehow actually light on fire as a fair representation of their entire fan base, better.

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I don't follow basketball, but how big would a win have been last night with that recruit in attendance?

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Not that big of a deal really.

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Agreed.  It's all about the atmosphere.  And it looked like it was rocking.  And to walk in with UFM to chants of 'Urban! Urban!'  Harris is off to UM next week for game against MSU.  And I am willing to bet my house there is no 'Hoke! Hoke!' cheer breaking out.