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Hotel Question

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September 4, 2014 at 2:58pm

I'll be going to my first night game on Saturday and driving from Toledo, figure it's smart to get a room somewhere in the area since a whole day of partying and the game will be exhausting. Don't know the area too well, any advice on where to try staying that might actually have some vacancies? Or at least which to avoid? Thanks!

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I found a pretty good deal on hotwire last year in downtown near short north and nationwide arena. I believe it was a Sheraton but dont really remember as I wasnt there too long. Easy to get to and from the stadium.

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Stayed there for the Indiana game last year. Give it a thumbs up as well. 

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whew, good luck getting a place close.

If you're coming from Toledo, maybe stop short in Dublin, grab a place, and cab it down to the shoe and back.

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I would check the Worthington/Lewis Center area. If you are taking 23, you pass right through it. You will have to take a cab to the game but it is a pretty quick drive down 315. I would imagine that you are SOL on getting anything within walking distance of the stadium. 


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This is good advice.  COTA also does a park and ride the bus to the game every 15 minutes or so from this area.


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Oh yeah, I had no thought that I'd actually get a room near campus.  Figured I'd have to get a room and drive back towards campus, though a cab or this COTA service do seem like better options with problems with parking and the whole wanting to have a few drinks while down there stuff.  I hit hotwire and found something in the Lewis Center area for about $70 after taxes.  Might just go with that.

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I'm staying at the German Village Inn.  It was the last thing "close" I could find.  It's $84.00 with tax.  It's not the Ritz, but it's no DUI either.  Check Hotels.com too.

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holiday inn express

i like roosters

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The Worthington Courtyard Marriott is right next to the COTA Park and Ride... you can take the Buckeye bus for $5.50 and they will bring you back. This is where my wife and I have stayed and will be this weekend enjoy the game. 

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Thanks everyone for the quick responses! Go Bucks!

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Anyone ever stayed at downtown Hilton? I booked it for Cincy game.