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How long of a leash does Urban Meyer have?

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September 1, 2014 at 6:35pm

Before I get a zillion replies about how I'm overreacting or he's the best coach ever I want to make it perfectly clear I am in no way calling for Urban Meyer to be fired, I am in no way dissatisfied with his performance as our head coach, I am in no way pessimistic about the direction the program is headed. In fact, its quite the opposite on all counts.

However, I'm just curious by what people believe would have to occur for Ohio State fans to being putting Meyer on the hot seat in earnest like Hoke or Muschamp assuming there is no scandal like what brought down Tressel. Does he have freedom to have a few less than stellar seasons (4-5 losses)? Perhaps an outright loosing season? Maybe all it takes is no championships after a certain time? I'm interested to see what this community thinks about what Meyer can survive as Ohio State's head coach. Mostly, its a question about what standards of success do you hold the Buckeyes to?

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I think it would take three consecutive bad seasons. Maybe 4-6 losses, or more, in each. I don't see that happening. Meyer will leave on his terms, whenever that may be. 

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My sources tell me that he's a fan of the Flexi Long 3

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With the talent on the team and his recruiting, it's simply not possible without scandal or an apocalyptic amount of injuries.

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His leash is long. I think Urbans leash is so long that he would see himself out the door due to his own standards before he would be let go for performance reasons. 

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God this shit is so dumb

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I thought the question was well-presented to bring about a rational discussion.

Your comment brought nothing to the table.

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I'm sure the poster had good intentions but I question the timing and the overall point. This is at least the second post of this nature and I'm just not sure what people want.

Our coach has not reached his ultimate goal yet but is UNDEFEATED in the regular season. I am unsure of what has people even thinking about what he has to do to stay.

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Yep - the question was perfectly reasonable and well formulated, etc., but it's a question that's much better asked during the offseason. Of course, he has a right to ask any question he wants, but then we have a right to ask him if he really appreciates that a new exciting and intriguing football season just began two days ago.

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Your second response was more eloquent than your first.

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I think UFM has enough credit to weather up to a few (three or four) multi loss (capping at four) seasons.

Barring a catastrophe, I don't see it...he's really upped the talent and depth. Far beyond the rest of the conference for the short term.

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I was thinking kind of the same thing, what got me curious is that Meyer seems to be the first "celebrity" coach we've ever had, or at least as far as I can remember. Obviously Hayes, Bruce, Cooper, and Tressel were great coaches but I can't remember a coach ever entering with the expectations that Meyer has had. People are not hoping and rooting for championships, they expect them, and I wonder if Meyer could survive a hypothetical cooper like scenario with amazing talent and great teams but not really getting it done when the chips are on the line.

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Agree. I think there is a MINIMUM expectation from fans of playing in the B1G championship game. That's now THREE GAMES SHY of winning it all. And to get there would now mean having beaten out three big name programs and a couple others who are not going to sit by and let us have it.  So it's a tough spot. 

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No celebrity coaches!? Perry Hale begs to differ...

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2 NC. Winningest percentage of all active coaches. Master recruiter. I don't care if they go 9-3 for the next 10 years, his pedigree speaks for itself and won't get canned. He'll never do so poorly for so long that anyone will consider letting him go.

Now, some stupid NCAA bullcrap happening is a different story.

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Totally get the op sentiment, but it's kinda funny to me that there really are people who don't think he's good enough after starting with two undefeated regular seasons. I think if after all his recruits are juniors and we are losing more than 3 regular season games a year, there will be a lot of people concerned. I also temper that to say that I wouldn't be surprised if 1-2 losses happen per regular season in the future as I believe with the addition of Maryland and Rutgers, recruiting and therefore competition will increase in the next 4-5 years in the B1G. 

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I'm ​sure its quite long but if Urban doesn't bring home a Big 10 title or big bowl win in the next 2 years I'm sure there will be a sizable minority that is very displeased. This is probably especially so since he's ignored Ohio recruiting in the Name of national titles.

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His leash is so long he would eventually see the ass of whoever's holding the handle as they walk one way around the world.


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Think of the coaches that OSU has fired. There's your answer. I don't ever see a point where OSU parts ways with Meyer.  

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If there's no B1G title in the next two seasons, the grumbling will start and the leash will shorten. If nothing in the next 3 seasons, he's gone. Meyer was hired to get OSU over the hump and back on top, recruiting is nice but trophies are what counts.

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I don't think he has one.. Honestly.

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Three crappy seasons or one BIG scandal. 

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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25-2, really long at this point.

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NCAA/Legal issues more than anything would be his down fall.  Saying 2 or 3 losing seasons is fine, but even if you aren't an OSU fan, it's not likely to happen.  Think about it-OSU lost it's senior Heisman trophy candidate 2 weeks before the season kicked off, is replacing 4 of 5 on the OL, and will still be favored in all but 1 of it's games, and could realistically go undefeated in the regular season for a 3rd straight year.  From a personnel standpoint, things may never be this bad again under Meyer, and it's not even that bad because the cupboard is fully stocked.

I would say Gene is on a shorter leash than Urban.

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Sounds like more of a question for Mrs. Meyer...

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Not sure what I find more alarming. A thread questioning Meyer's 25-2 start at OSU or the fact he was lumped in with two of the biggest lumps in college football in Hoke and Muschamp. I'd expect this after a 2-25 start but this? smh.

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I think that it will take 2-3 bad seasons for him to be fired and here is why:

1. He is expected to do well. <2 losses or less are expected. If he loses more over 2-3 seasons, he will be done.

2. His recruiting is awsome. If he continues this recruiting, he might have some lee-way with bad seasons. He can have 3-4 bad seasons, maybe more if they are spread out.

3. He is probably the best HC in America for CFB. He won't be fired because he is a great coach.

Overall, if he has 4-5 bad seasons spread out, or 2-3 at a time, then he can think about coaching for his job. And it might take more than 2-3 seasons.

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I'm pretty confident Urban is going to be successful at OSU. He has a good track record. This would have been a more appropriate question for The Coach Up North.



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I don't believe an OSU coach has left on their own terms since the 1930's. Eventually Urban will be fired or forced to resign. Don't hate me, coach's just don't leave under their own free will at Ohio State. Too much pressure. 

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Good lord . 

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Losing to SCUM is the number one guaranteed fast way out the door….. Or go out like a boss and punch a player in the throat, see Woody Hayes.

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How long of a leash does UFM have on OSU? That is the real question here.

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Think Bobby Bowden.

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Hell, even I know that Urban is the one who knocks.

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He'll leave on his own terms, even if it mirrors how he left Florida.

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