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Marcus Baugh Suspended.

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September 1, 2014 at 12:25pm

Per Dave Biddle.  Suspended 2 games by Urban.  I'm not sure what exactly for... but you got to think he's really skating on thin ice now.

Come MB, get it together!!

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His first game of the suspension was vs Navy so he'll also be out for the Va Tech game.  And all Urban stated was "stuff" being the reason he was suspended.


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This has to go back when he was in trouble in early winter or late winter? Forget when I saw his name in the news. 

"To The House"

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Whoops, you can delete this thread if you want MODs... just saw Patrick included the info in his "Presser Bullets" article he just put out. 

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If this is true, he should be booted once and for all since he has proven he isn't dependable and can't be counted on.


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It could have been anything at all that seems a little rash. Just because he's made mistakes before doesn't mean he can never make another mistake ever again. The kid could have been late for a meeting or something, lets be rational here.

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Marcus Baugh... come on, man.

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Before getting too worked up, I wonder if it is possible that this is a result of the prior off season issues??

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Let's hope this is a result of previous stuff and not something new. 

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Anybody know if the other tight ends caught anything at Navy?

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Nope, none did.

Go here for tOSU stats for team and individual stats both off/def:  *usually posted the day after the game*


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Honestly who cares?  We don't throw to the tight end anyway!

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