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An Issue With Our Hurry Up

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August 31, 2014 at 11:07pm

As one of the many I was watching the game with, I was disgusted when we snapped the ball quick on the first drive in the 3rd quarter; instead of waiting for the review that would overturn the spot of the ball.  Can our guy who reviews the plays not see this?  Also, why do we not hurry up during obvious review of the play?  I hate to be the guy who is a malcontent after games, but it is something that I've noticed.  It's a fine detail thing, but we all know the little details can make all the difference in the world.

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Only smart people would bring this up. Congrats, I hope you get the ackolades you deserve.

Little Dan

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Whoops, didn't mean to comment on this thread.

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As I recall on the play you mentioned there was a fumble by the running back at the end of the play and Navy recovered it but it was blown dead.  I got the impression the team wanted to snap the ball before the replay as they didn't realize his knee was down before the fumble but after the first down.  I'd bet the quick snap call came from Urban and this time he outsmarted himself.  There was no way anyone in the booth had time to review the play and let Urban know the truth.

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Click play to view to the play...ok?

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You da real MVP, Trey.

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Also, i dont understand why Herman doesnt call more WR screens. Yeah the one almost went the other way to the house but if the corners are playing 10 yards off the receiver, why not?

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Dabo had no problem recognizing this. 

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Just to let you I've watched that play several times and most plays in slow motion, one game isn't enough with a summer full of baseball, i just can't get enough so glad football is back.  If you watch the play again his other elbow is down. And unless I'm wrong there about wrist and above means your down it wouldn't mattered.  check it out don't let it get you down!!!

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Oh and we ctually recovered the non fumble too!!! Decker did!!!

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It was recovered short of a first down though.

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that was on 3rd down and meyer went for it on 4th anyways. 

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It didn't matter that it was a fumble either way is the point!  He recovered it at the same spot he was down(where he first got tackled not the climb over so it didn't matter either way don't let hat play bother you.  let it go is the point!!  Also i said Non fumble because it wasn't one he was down on the second effort then the ball was knocked loose

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It was almost hysterical how missed that call was. Zeke was down for at least two seconds before the ball was popped out. Not the end of the world and probably the only clearly poor decision by the refs all game IMO.

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83 is right, with technology the way it is a quick look up in the booth with a buzz to the field stops the play. If we would have lost the game because of this everyone would feel a differently. Look how we felt about the bogus TD. Since home fields replay everything that's to their advantage on their big screens, I'm surprised the NCAA doesn't give every team something to see what the booth sees at the same time the booth sees it. It would even things up.

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I've wondered now for 3 years on our hurry up near the goal line why we always look like the team that is caught off guard. 

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The hurry up needs to be revised if the Oline ain't going to get a big push 

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Is it really considered "hurry-up" when our QB claps two-three times, looks to the sideline and waits until the play clock is down to 7-8 before snapping?

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I'm really disappointed that we don't get CBSSports bc I wanted to watch a replay of all the bs stuff that happened.  The refs were consistently giving Navy an extra half yard to yard on some plays ahead of where the actual guy went down.  They were marking balls to the helmet and not where the ball was.  Also on the touchdown that shouldn't have been a touchdown did anyone else notice that Lee was blocked illegally?  He was being engaged by a lineman when another lineman comes in and cut blocks him.  No penalty though

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