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VT broadcast

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August 31, 2014 at 10:29pm

Is the game on ABC or Espn this Saturday? 

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ESPN @ 8 pm EDT.

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I have a question about ESpin and the game's on their site and im only asking this because i never go to their website so i have no clue as to how it works. Ok with the game being on ESpin next Saturday say you have cable which i do. But i want to go over there and set up a screen name and password so i can let my Niece who does not have cable watch on my screen name.

Does it cost for me to set that up being i have ESpin in my cable package or do i have to pay ESpin to set that up? I just thought someone here might know the answer thats why im asking. I really don't want to click on their website and give them a free hit from me. Now if it will help her and her kids watch the game im for that but thats the only way im giving them a hit.

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Most times you can watch on the watch espn app. I have AT&T and I can watch all ESPN programming with my account through them.  My brother lives out of town and he is able to use my log in info to watch on his computer.  I had TWC and they had the same thing.

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Ya you sign up with your cable's email and password or with Apple TV it tell you a code you put in on ESPN website. It's easy as long as your cable allows the games to be streamed. And ya it's free as long as you have cable and you don't mind telling someone you password for cable plan

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I'm not able to watch ESPN with my AT&T account in Afghanistan. They have it blocked unless you are CONUS. Thanks again ESPN.

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watchespn is free on military bases and universities 

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Only ESPN3 is free via the watchespn network. Any games on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU etc are not available with a .edu or .mil IP.

Usually, ESPN3 doesn't stream games with highly ranked teams.

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It should be carried on AFN or AFN Sports. You can check it at Myafn.net after WED since they have not updated the schedule yet. They choose the games midweek.

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Anyone know who's on the call?


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I hope it's Beth Mowins!!!

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I would guess Herbie and Fowler.  It's the only big game on ESPN networks that night.  Oregon MSU is on Fox.  

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I am assuming gameday is in Oregon ? Gus Johnson doing the game on Fox.... Yessssir 

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todd bleckledge and holly rowe

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To displaced buckeye wanting to watch the VT game from afghanistan:   there is an ESPN service called "espnplayer" that works in europe and maybe elsewhere.  It specifically for outside the US.  I used it to watch the buckeyes for the last 5 years in europe.  Hopefully they give armed forces a break.  In europe it cost about a 100euro a year.  The"college pass" was good for about 700 football games and a similar number of college basketball games.  You could watch live or on demand after about 3 hours after the event ended.  It had most of the college games that ABC/ESPN carried.  Thanks for your service!

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I remember the good days of watching our beloved Buckeyes from Kandahar Afghanistan. Would wake up in the middle of the night just to watch the Bucks on FirstRowSports.EU. 

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Nessler, Blackledge and Holly Rowe on the call. They're one of my favorite announcing teams. Can't wait until Saturday!