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12-15, 226p, 50r, 2TD, 1int - WHY SO MUCH "MEH?"

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August 31, 2014 at 10:02pm

Why does it seem that so many writers are ho-hum on JTB4? Is it missing Braxton's freakish running ability? Is it because there are so many other weapons on offense now that he doesn't get as much credit? 

Consider that we just witnessed the best performance of a first time starting QB at tOSU of the last 4/5 decades. 

JT Barrett - a red shirt frosh - starting for the first time, on the road, behind a brand new o-line has the afor mentioned (in the title) stat line & so many writers/people response has been - "MEH" he's got a lot to work on, but he's alright. 

He's not the freak athlete Braxton is - but he already looks to throw a better ball (touch, spiral, accuracy).  He had one incompletion, one ball dropped, one dumb int. That happened to Braxton (and TP) pretty often. He made good reads and decisions in the passing game on all 12 of his other passes - overcoming a shaky line & a few questionable Herman calls. Plus, he still leads the team in rushing & he "read" D well in the running game. 

I'll take this every week.  I was really, really impressed with him. While I miss the freak athlete, super armed Braxton (who wouldn't?)... let's not forget we were all hoping he'd progress in things like reading the D better in the running game, better touch/accuracy on intermediate routes, going through his progressions. As great as he has been, most were hoping his senior year - 4th year starting - he'd put it all together.  

I think this kid could be something special. Navy, while not a traditional power team, is a good football team.  If he improves week to week, the line gels, and Herman allows him to throw more - watch out.  

What are your thoughts? 


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Writers are just comparing him to Braxton imho. If this would have been the stat line for a first game next year (had Braxton not gotten hurt and finished this season), the storyline slant would be much more positive.

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The media is looking for the highlight reel plays and gaudy stats. They can have the ooohs and ahhhhs. I'll take a winner.

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My evaluation of JT is definitely better than "meh".  I think he played a great game.  Remember that this is his first true football game since October 2012 (Spring game doesn't really count to me as a true game) - and that last game was at the high school level.  Really, JT only had two bad plays - the interception, and then that 3rd down option play where he made a bad decision to pitch to Elliott (where the Navy defense buried him).   Had Barrett kept the ball and cut up field with the defense keyed on Elliott, he gets at least a first down, and possibly a touchdown.  Now both mistakes did cost OSU points, but it's not like Braxton hasn't thrown interceptions or made bad option reads before (with some costing OSU certain points).  I think he did great and could've done even better with some better playcalling and blocking. 

Do note though that he's not really being talked about as an area of concern, though.

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First and foremost I was very happy to see what Barrett did. I am pretty excited to see him get into the grove of playing football (after two years off) and develop. As for the meh reception, I think there were two things. One is that it was a game till a good way though the second half, as a team that has NC aspirations that was a concern. Also I think a lot of people have real high expectations for what redshirt freshman can do after Winston, Johhny Football, and most recently Kenny Hill. So while Barrett played very good he didn't look like those guys. 

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Agreed that the expectations after those guys made JTB4 lol more average (on the surface). Looking deeper - those guys inherited talented teams with stable offensive lines and offenses that air it out more (less conservative coordinators). 

Imagine in JTB4 inherited last years line! I bet he would have thrown for more than 300 yards easy...something Brax has never done. 

BTW--Jameis looked pretty bad last night. 

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Let them hate on JT. It will be sweet to watch him prove them wrong and put them all in their places. Then when those same writers start singing his praises we can all call them out for it, with proof.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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Honestly it's because of all the other redshirt-Freshman QBs who are coming out on their first start and balling out of control. Honestly, I think we're nitpicking J.T. without realizing how good a game he had by the standards you posted, but when Johnny Manziel, Marcus Marriota, Jameis Winston, etc. lit the field on fire the past couple years. and then Kenny Hill comes out and absolutely SHREDS "SEC-defense" in #9 (overrated) South Carolina, then in the big picture, it was pretty "meh", but really good in a vacuum.

One thing is, and many people touched on this, it the fact that Navy is probably the toughest, most disciplined, most determined team we'll face all year. Yes it's "assignment football" but just because we have the better talent doesn't mean that proper technique, timing, or execution can't overcome that, and we seen that happen on a few occassions. 

We also have to keep in mind that this game was used to separate guys based on their game performance, so I'm sure the coaching staff will settle in on some starters on the O-line and remember we gotta give these guys time to GEL. Once we do that and give J.T. some time to survey the field, I think he'll put up bigger numbers than what we've seen.

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Something else to think about in regards to the most recent game is the opponent. Navy is a ball/game control team, the last thing you want to do is have a couple quick three and outs by chucking the ball around allowing Navy to score a TD or two and totally burn the clock up.

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I thought he played very well and was extremely calm while under pressure. Any follow up from some of those writers that picked Navy over us, especially the guy from Notre Dame.

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Agree with gametime, but also keep in mind his numbers were slightly inflated. All those "passes" where he either flipped it to a guy running in front of him, or threw a screen pass count as passing yards. Also take out the one big td pass and again the yards come down. I think he played great and managed the offense incredibly fwiw, but at the same time I would have like to see a few more short to intermediate passes that went for 8-20 yards. And were in the air for 8-10 yards. 

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You can't have it both ways.  We have seen opposing quarterbacks throw screen after screen the past two seasons and all the resulting yards piled up against our defense just the same as with any screen pass thrown by JT.  You take what you can, and I think JT has shown that he will do just that, even if it's not the same way Braxton does.

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Don't know where I said it was both ways. I was answering the question. Why meh? Because there were very few times where I saw him go through his progressions and a mid slant or otherwise. Now if you asked me if I was happy with his game, yes, but why wasn't everyone as high. 

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I was more than satisfied with his play on his first start. He has great potential and once he gains confidence, it could be pretty exciting. MY biggest concern was that he seemed to telegraph quite a few of his passes. That could lead to many interceptions in the future against better teams. I don't expect that trend to continue too far into the future though. Im all aboard the JT train.

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Navy's D is not great but, considering the circumstances, JT had a good performance.  I am honestly more worried about the O line than JT.  With the multitude of weapons JT has at his disposal, this Offense will be really good if the O line plays well.

Good test this week as VT and Bud Foster come to town.

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I feel he performed well but made a few mistakes that ended up killing drives making a meh performance. Some of these mistakes were caused by oline play but do reflects on him too. That being said I think he can be great just needs a few games to gel ( along with the oline)

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It'll be better to judge him as the season goes on and against tougher competition (at least defensively wise)  I'd still give him a pass for the upcoming Va Tech game if it isn't exactly his greatest... it'll only be his 2nd career start/game played but by the time we play MSU he should be pretty experienced and more comfortable/aware in the pocket.   He had a great first game, but let's not forget 80 yards and a TD came on 1 play.. and then his other TD pass came late in the game.   But with that being said J.T 1000000x better than Bauserman.

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I don't know if this is "apples and oranges" but, which is really better? 44 completions for 511 yards (11.6 yds/catch), or 12 completions for 226 (18.8 yds/catch). Hill threw 3 td's, J.T. threw 2. One thing I see happening for J.T., the quicker the O-line comes together the more opportunities the ball will be in the air to our playmakers.  20 pass attempts in a half may be a realistic expectation going forward, and his nickname "the distributor" will be just that. GO BUCKS!!!!



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Well, Kenny Hill wouldn't have passed for so many yards if he had our offensive line. Also, our defense couldn't keep Navy off the field

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His perfomance was meh, plain and simple.

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For his first ever start, considering how he was basically 3rd string 3 weeks ago, I was more than impressed. I now understand why Urban said he is Guitonish. His play and the offensive scheme seemed similar to what Kenny ran when he took over for Braxton. For all those who were calling for Kenny G to start last year, you might be seeing the closest thing to it this year.

I think ultimately JT has a higher ceiling than KG, but if he can manage to due what Guiton did last year we will be fine.


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Can I make a correction to your post? OSU never plays away games, Buckeye Nation makes every stadium home

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"Because I couldn't go for three"

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Jameis Winston - redshirt freshman Heisman trophy winner

Johnny Manziel - redshirt Heisman trophy winner

Who is to say JTB can't have an outstanding year and be in the conversation later this year? Way too early to hate on anyone on the team right now

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