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Parking Help

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August 28, 2014 at 9:32pm

Week 2 i will be attending the Virginia Tech game with my brother. However, its been two years since we've been to Columbus for a game. I was wondering if anyone knew of parking lots near to the stadium? Prices and distance from would be appreciated. Thank you guys very much.

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If I drive to campus on game day, I usually park at one of the frat houses on 15th and Indianola (Beta Theta Pi or Kappa Sig usually).  It's like $10 and easy in and easy out.  It's a walk to the stadium but I love the walk down High and then Lane, always fun...usually I walk through campus and the oval out to 15th after the game on the way out.  If you're not hosting a tailgate, keep your car out of the mix down by the stadium.

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I park in the garage next to the Ohio Union. Easy to walk to the stadium and get back onto High St especially heading south. I believe it was around $10 to park.


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Med Center Surface Lot on Cannon Dr. $15   Easy access from 315  Lennox Center if on 315S   King Ave Exit if 315N. This lot doesnt fill up unitl 30 mins before kickoff and is two blocks past Lincoln Tower.  Also plenty of room to tailgate 

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Appreciate it guys, thank you

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Alternatively, you can go south of the stadium, get off neil avenue and park for free on Neil or a side street almost all the way to campus. 15-20 minute walk to the stadium. Least amount of traffic following the game also.

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