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What upset do you want to see in week 1?

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August 27, 2014 at 7:19pm

I have a few, but I'll only post one. So I'll go with West Virginia over Bama. Not only would it be great to see the face of SEC football on a three game losing streak, but the couch fires in Morgantown would be of epic proportions. I bet you could see the flames of thousands upon thousands of gently used couches burning from outer space.




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Badgers over LSU.........assuming that the Badgers are the underdog. I haven't looked it up yet.

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Call me crazy, but think FSU might get a close one.

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Any SEC loss is fine by me

Treat every opponent as if they are capable of beating you, because guess what? They are.

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Tennessee getting upset.

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I would like the sec university to lose also.

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Brain says Wisconsin over LSU.

Heart says App St. over *ichigan

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Thought App St was favored...

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Appy State..

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I just wanna see the Big 10 go 14-0

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"If you take no risks, you will suffer no defeats, But if you take no risks, you will earn no victories."

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I would be fine with 13-1 with App St over *ichigan

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Isn't there a B1G match up week one?

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Appalachian State over TTUN is the only correct answer.

Unless we aren't counting that as an upset anymore

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The Sec go 0-fur would be nice but impossible since two are playing each other. In that one, sC to lose!!

"If you take no risks, you will suffer no defeats, But if you take no risks, you will earn no victories."

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I'm torn between Louisiana Tech over Oklahoma or Virginia over UCLA.  Kind of want to see the PAC-12 knocked down after being hyped so high this summer.

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Ohio State over Navy

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I don't really think that would be considered an upset since we are favored to win anyways..

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I didn't think my comment needed italicized for people to see sarcasm lol

"faith seeking understanding” (fides quaerens intellectum)

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Unfortunately, I did not take it that way..sarcasm font changes everything...and I suddenly got a vision of that mio commercial where the guy says "it changes.. everything"

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Would love to see Badgers take down Tigers. Lots of red faces in Bristol Connecticut. 

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OSU (the Pokes) over FSU.

Go away Jameis, go away.


We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Wisky over LSU or re MSU over Oregon. Those are my two OOC hopefuls.

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Not to be that guy but I think MSU vs OREGON is week 2.  So we can just say you were picking for week 1 & 2.

In Urban We Trust

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It is. I tried to keep the comment vague as to the timeline though. I remembered halfway through typing it out. Heh

"Evil shenanigans!"     - Mac


I'd love to see Wisky beat LSU just so we can hear some great post-loss sulking sound bite from Myles.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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Since the national sports media has made it sound like our season is already over does us beating Navy count?
Otherwise I'd be happy with either Bucky or Sparty winning

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APP State beating Michigan on Sat would far surpass the original upset. Honestly, UM losing to APP State would bring me about as much joy as us beating down Navy on Sat. I'm not sure if I am allowed to say this, but just on occasion I enjoy a UM loss more than an Ohio State win! But only when the UM loss is incredibly embarrassing beyond all reason and the Ohio State win is just average. May the spirit of Armanti Edwards be with whoever the hell is APP State's QB! 

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THE wins and all The Other Th'Hurteen loose. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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In order, rooting for Wisky, Okie St., West Virginia, Boise St.  Call it the General Sherman Theme Week. Southern Footbawll Goes Down!

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To echo the thoughts of many, I can't pick just one. I always want Bama to lose, I'd love for LSU to lose to knock the SEC down a peg, and though I want the B1G to look good (and not lose non-conference), seeing *ichigan drop ANOTHER to App State would be in the top 5 things ever. 

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2nd cousin plays for UWV - would love to witness the meltdown

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Badgers over LSU.  Gotta root for Bucky out of conference, especially vs the SEC. Not sure that will happen though.

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Appalachian State over TTUN. However, can that really be considered an upset? 

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1. Wisconsin over LSU. That would be huge for the "narrative". 

2. WVU over Alabama. I'm from WV and anytime Alabama loses I'm happy. 

3. Utah State over Tennessee. The Vols are becoming a pain in our neck on the recruiting trail. 

4. Oklahoma State over FSU. 

5. Boise State over Ole Miss. 

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I had a dream a few weeks back that Alabama lost to West Virginia but I would love to see Bucky knock off LSU.