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I love being the underdog

BIG needs to be Relevant Again's picture
August 26, 2014 at 7:37pm

The only thing I love more than being the pre-season favorite in the BIG is being forgotten in the BIG because of one injury. Feed the info to your players that you aren't even being talked about now and run with it. Loooove the underdog role. Embrace it, run with it and run through the league.

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BayArea_Buckeye's picture

I love it too, but if you keep on winning, then you become the cinderalla and back to the favorites with the pressure

AngryWoody's picture

I like it also. I feel like OSU always has so much pressure to win every game, and if you ever drop one game or don't win by enough it's somehow proof that they're a fraud. I think it will be good for our coaches/player to feel like they can make some mistakes and grow.

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I just don't think anyone will forget about us.

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