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Herbstreit Interview w/ EDSBS Spencer Hall

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August 26, 2014 at 12:11pm

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This was on the Skully this morning

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Oops. That's what I get for not checking the links.

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The bit about how people act when they are getting on and off of planes had me laughing.  partially because I am one of those people that lines up early to get on planes for Southwest.

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Herbie's travel advice/opinion sucks. Flying to destination that are not non-stop increases the chance of the airline losing your luggage... that's why you carry on! Herbie should fly to Russia for a 3 week stay only to not have your luggage arrive with you... see how you like that. Maybe you'll change your mind about carry-on luggage. Ever since that fiasco I always have a carry on with at least the essentials and a couple days of clean clothes.

The rushing to get off the plane... once again when you're not landing at your final destination and your plane either took off late or the gate wasn't available (or one of the million other set backs I've experienced) and you don't know if your other gate is on the other side of the airport, in another terminal, and some miserable airports like ORD where you get re-booked there to get to your European destination and you arrive in ORD on United and have to go to British Airways where you have to physically leave the airport and go through security again. There are times when you need to get off that airplane as soon as possible and for some reason people in front of you take their effing time getting their crap out of the overhead bins, putting on their jackets and walking sloooooow out of the plane like they want to make you miss your connecting flight.

I never thought Herbie flies commercial flights with the average Joe and thought he flies in a private jet to his destinations.

Herbie is a fake-a** Buckeye traveler!

-1 HS