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Best Uniforms, or Worst List Ever?

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August 25, 2014 at 2:07pm

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#2? The worst list ever.

A man got to have a code...

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Don't let the nittany kittens get a hold of this.

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Oregon belongs on both the best and worst lists. They have some good ones, but also some horrendous ones. Michigan just belongs on the worst.

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I always thought USC looked like McDonalds out there....I could never watch them cuz I get too hungry. Big Mac!

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

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mishitgan helmets look like a bug on a windshield

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Remove Auburn and Boise to get a better list. I'm not so sure about the rankings, but the list is decent. 

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Navy's jerseys for the 2012 Army/Navy game were pure class.


Texas always looks good.

They burn their orange

Despite the colors Cal's throwbacks from a few years ago were dope.

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Oregon and Boise State don't belong on that list.

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I don't think OSU should've ever changed their unis after the 2005 season.

Is this list really about which uniforms look the coolest, or which uniforms are most iconic?  Oregon's current unis are not iconic, they're just stylish, but TTUN, Texas, ND's are definitely more about iconicness than the look itself.

Class of 2010.

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Amen! Bring back the Grey Stripes!! 

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Grey stripes!! Grey stripes!!

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Boise, scUM, and Georgia above tOSU?  I think not.

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Ohio State has a classic AND very sharp uniform… and that's AFTER Nike greatly reduced its "cool" factor last season by de-emphasizing the black accents in favor of making the white more prominent. The black on grey (silver in the case of the helmet) is stark and sharp. OSU almost always makes these 'best uniform lists' despite taste and aesthetics being a personal thing, so it's undoubtably one the college football's best, but Nike just cannot leave well enough alone. Thanks Nike...

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If I am not mistaken that is a Buckeye in the middle of that Bama picture...He sure looks a lot better in his new uni !!  Go Bucks

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It's obvious this poll is not official because I was never consulted. 

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not a fan of the list.  I think Oregon belongs in the worst category, but I have the taste of a 95 year-old man

Go Bucks!

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I don't see how you can put Alabama on this list without putting Oklahoma on as well.  They have almost the exact same uniform design.  I'm always a fan of the classic looks from schools like Bama, OU, OSU, and USC.

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How can Oregon have the best uniforms when they don't have a uniform. It's something different every week. When I see them, I don't know who it is at first. It could be Oregon, Baylor or any other of the style before substance teams that have popped up in recent years. Give me the classic Ohio State unis, or even Alabama, PSU, Texas, etc. You know who they are because they've been around forever.

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I personally really liked when we wore these. The number font is great and I love the scarlet & gray color combo without any clutter. Needs a silver helmet, though.


UNLV has a great set too.

Scarlet and Vegas
My favorite Oregon look.
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I wish we went back to the silver, shiny pants and gray stripes

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Our home jerseys since 2006 have looked like Wisconsin, Nebraska or Georgia. Its a joke. I don't know whose idea it was to strip the iconic grey stripes but it was a bad one. 

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