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More Starters announced for the Navy game. Only a few open spots remain. WR group still wide open

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August 25, 2014 at 1:55pm

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Just my guess, but im thinking Urban knows who he wants to play but is saying its a competition so knobody stays complacent.


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Looks like Armani Reeves is no longer in discussion for starting corner. Also no James Clark or Johnnie Dixon for WR. 


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James Clark still rehabbing his leg?

A man got to have a code...

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I think I saw he recently got his black stripe removed. I think we can expect to see him out there this year. Kid has a Ginn-like stride. I'd love to see him work his way into the rotation.

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All he's saying is the three starters will come from those 6 guys.  More than 6 WRs will play Saturday.

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can tedd ginn come back and  play for us?! lol


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Because tedginnisfasterthanyou?

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I can't see both Devin Smith and Evan Spencer starting by midseason. Just don't think they could have made that big of a jump from last season where they were very one demensional. More versatile players are biting at their heels.

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Agreed, I think Smith will be able to retain his spot. But I just don't see Spencer as a better option to Clark,Thomas,Greene.

I'm really liking Mike Thomas, Mr Spring Game, he's just got that nasty,cocky feel to him...I want my receivers to look across at the DB and have the confidence to beat him every time. 6'3" I believe, good size, and the guy catches anything in his direction.

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I'm guessing that Lindsay ends up winning the center competition, which I wouldn't have said even a week ago. Lindsay sat out the spring and then had to play catch up all summer and early fall. He was reputedly pretty rusty at first. My gut feeling is that if Boren hasn't closed the deal under those circumstances, there is a good chance Lindsay will reel that job in. I say that as someone who is a huge fan of the Borens.

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I know everyone wants to be a "starter" but I believe with this team you could see snaps at any moment. There's a lot of talent and depth at all positions. Meyer has done a great job of recruiting. The 2014 class was his first true class of building relationships with the kids tho. The future is bright at OSU. 

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I know it's a few days away but Saturday is going to be epic. The one nice thing I used to love reading the morning on game day was the depth chart that the Plain Dealer would print out and I would refer to it throughout the game. "Miss a Day - Miss a lot"