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How many old time homers like JT over UFM? I think it's 50-50. Maybe 60-40 Urban,

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August 24, 2014 at 12:55am

That's all!

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“Don’t fear criticism. The stands are full of critics. They play no ball. They fight no fights. They make no mistakes because they attempt nothing. Down on the field are the doers, they make mistakes because they attempt many things.”

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That's 1. What about the other 9?

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Can't one like and appreciate them both equally even if they each bring different qualities & personalities to the table? 

Alumni lounge attracts pretty people
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I'll make my decision after Urban finishes his career here.

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I grew up with Jim Tressel as the Buckeyes coach. I don't think I'll ever like any coach as much as Tressel. He was a great representative of Buckeye football. He needs a statue within the next ten years. 

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Tressel - 1 

Urban - 0

hopefully Urban ties it up this year

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Technically its:

Tressel: 1

Urban:   (-1)

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Your comment reads like a young Homer favoring Urban. 

I like who ever is the OSU coach currently since the past is the past.

Go Bucks!

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I started watching college football when I briefly lived in Utah. This coincided with Urban's tenure there. I was 11 years old and that team is what got me into college football.

Since that moment, even growing up as a non-OSU fan, Urban Meyer was my favorite coach.

I respect what Tressel did here, I think he's a great man, but I wasn't an OSU fan during his tenure. So, my (pointless) view on this is that I prefer Urban for sentimental reasons. The same reasons why many prefer Tressel.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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Thank God we are less than a week away from football.

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As they say.............This^^^^

Montana Silver Bullet

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Please save the "Homer" threads for the forum on the other site. We don't play that shit over here. We're all "Homers at 11w....even the tsun fans that contribute to this site.

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Both were/are great coaches, but I will take Urban for the sheer fact that like me he speaks his mind, whereas I couldn't stand listening to Tressel speak as he would talk for 10 minutes and go around and around and not say anything.  Urban is black & white.  Plus I hated that stupid vest.  Oh, there I go again speaking my mind.  Wonder if any of the goody two shoes on here will down vote this?


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"Urban is black & white"
Those pesky 2010 "health" problems aside

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@MTROB: upvote to you for speaking your mind (so I don't have to do it and get DV'd)

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Who you callin OLD TIME?

“Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.” John Wooden

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What's the threshold for "old time"? 

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Apparently people who remember the 2000s

CJDPHoS Board of Directors // Best friends with Homey Hache

The 0 is silent.

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They are already playing "I love the 2000s'" on VH1, so yeah Its old!

I remember when Britney actually looked wholesome (in a devilish kinda way) so yeah, I'm old!

I watched the first season of 'The Wire' as it aired, I'm old!

I remember when VH-1 and MTV actually played m... I won't go there!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Wayne Woodrow.  Hows that for old time homerism?

Seriously JT.  When I see urban teams that have the offensive firepower  AND match JT's silver bullets,  I 'll probably move Urbs up to JT. 



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I'm with E135800, Some of us old timers can remember that Woody Hayes guy.  He was pretty good, back in the day.  And at this point, Tressel has done more than Meyer, but I expect great things . . .

I didn't go to engineering school to be a 'people person'

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Urban- no vacated seasons or sanctions so far.

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Love, love JT, but I think the program was getting complacent and entitled. Urban was the right next step. 

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I feel like we have a new attitude under Urban as well, but complacent? We were coming off of a rose bowl win against Oregon and a Sugar Bowl win against pre-Bert Arkansas. Pryor would have played another year and then we'd see what Tressel would have done with Braxton. I think the future would have been bright either way. 

We're starting to have a new attitude in terms of scheduling and who we view as our biggest competitors now in that we're looking at the top teams, but I think that would have happened with Tressel as well. It's mostly a consequence of the CFB/B1G climate, not the coach imo.

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That 2006 team that went to Arizona was entitled and complacent. Our OL underachieved during JT's entire era. As great as JT was, his protection of Jim Bollman was his weakness. Yes, complacent. It's not a knock, it's a natural occurrence over 10 years of high level success. 

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My take is that Jim Tressel is probably the best man in college football, and while Urban is a good man, he is probably one of the two best coaches in college football.

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Best man? I like Tressel and I respect Tressel. His record against Michigan will go unmatched. Nine wins in 10 seasons is insane. His approach to football works. It's a winning formula. It might not be very exciting, but he almost always executed it flawlessly.

But the fact is that Jim Tressel lied on an NCAA compliance document. I agree that the players should have been, and should be, allowed to sell their own stuff. But that's a different discussion.Tressel knew what those guys did, looked the other way, then lied on the document and in subsequent interviews about what he knew. I might have done the same thing...probably would have. Still doesn't change the facts.

Jim Tressel is a great coach. Is he the best man in college football? No. He's just a man. Like the rest of us. (I will add that he is by far not the worst man, as I'm reminded of the Earle Bruce quote, "At least I'm not Jackie Sherrill.")

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Just a man? Im going to go out on a limb and say the rest of us aren't thought of as father figures for hundreds of former players. The things Tress did in the community and for his players outweighs leaving out information to the NCAA about something that should'nt be against the rules in the first place. 

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Read the Winners Manuel sometime. Its filled with great stuff that Tress taught all of his teams. He was interested in making his players better people on and off the field before it became cool. 

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Just a man. Yes. Why do you ask that as though it's a put down? I don't think Tressel himself would object to that statement.

That said, I also said Tressel was a great coach. Later in this thread I said he's a greater OSU coach than Urban Meyer at this point. When the players carried Tressel on their shoulders at the 2012 Michigan game, I cheered as loudly as anyone. He was a great coach, no question.

Edited to add: I enjoyed the Winners Manual. It's a good book. But Tressel did not invent the idea of trying to influence the kind of people players become. That's been going on for generations. Woody was a great teacher long before Tress was at OSU.

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I don't think it's a matter of liking one over the other; rather appreciating what each they did in context of the times.

Woody For many, he defines Ohio State football. Beloved, not just for his accomplishments as a coach, but for what he did for the University, for Ohio, and anyone else who met him.

Earle Bruce Old 9 and 3. 5 top 20 and 3 top 10 finishes in 9 years as a coach at OSU. A coaching tree that's a who's who of coaching, including Saban and Meyer.  Winingest coach in Big 10 and 5 -4 against TTUN; and we fired him. Never follow a legend. 11 - 0 start not matched as a first year coach until UM.

John Cooper. Great coach, won many big games. Always seemed one play away from a national championship. Didn't seem to get The Game. Still a loyal Buckeye.

Jim Tressel. Great coach. Took us to the promised land.  Came close a few times after that and owned TTUN, making us forget the Cooper years.

Luke Fickell A true Buckeye. Stepped up when the team was in turmoil even though it was a no win situation and deserves our respect and gratitude.

Urban Meyer. Our guy now.

Time and change. I enjoyed each coach and wouldn't swap one for the other.

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I wish we could still dv forum topics...

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Now, this moment?

The Vest, without hesitation. I loved 2002, I finally became a fan of Ohio State - National Champions. Heard all the stories from '68 from my elders, and I waited a lifetime (or so it seemed) for a championship. 

But as great as finishing number one was, Tressel swung the rivalry into Ohio State's favor. After surviving the 90's (thanks, copious amounts of alcohol), there are no words to describe the elation I've felt seeing OSU defeat them with such consistency. The idea of that ever happening was never on my radar 20 years ago - and I don't mean to knock Cooper there. Woody and Bo were nearly even (Woody was 4-5-1) in The Ten Year War, and Earle clocked out at 5-4 against them. There was never an upper hand by either school until...you know. 

Three years in, I'm still excited and hopeful UFM will leave a fine legacy at Columbus in his own right, but on this day my vote goes to Jim Tressel. 

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^^^This x 1,000

The 90's were brutal.  The pucker factor leading up to(and during) The Game was so palpable, in the stands, on the field, and throughout Buckeye Nation. 

When Tress was hired, he might as well have rode into Columbus on a white horse.  First, instead of downplaying the significance of The Game, he calls his shot like Babe Ruth.  Everyone went berserk.  Finally, somebody who gets it!  And then, 310 days later, he delivers an improbable win against TTUN, on their field no less.

Fast forward to 2002.  Ohio State is undefeated, only TTUN stands in the way.  So many times in the 90's, this scenario presented itself, and the ending was always despair and destruction of dreams.  Leading up to, and during The Game, the tension inside the stadium and out was thick enough to be cut with a knife.  Could it REALLY be different this time???  And it was!  It was!  Words cannot describe .... Tress didn't just win a game that day, he fully exorcised the winged-helmet demon that had haunted Buckeye Nation for over a decade!!!

As if that wasn't enough, a month later he goes out and delivers the first MNC in 34 years, over a LOADED Miami team nobody gave us a chance against, in the best college football game ever played IMO.

I LOVE Urbz as our coach, but The Vest was truly something special.

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Real(ly) old time homers choose Paul Brown.

“Don’t fear criticism. The stands are full of critics. They play no ball. They fight no fights. They make no mistakes because they attempt nothing. Down on the field are the doers, they make mistakes because they attempt many things.”

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It's simple really. Tressel has 1 national championship with Ohio State and Meyer has none. Once Meyer wins one, then we can talk. And even still, Tressel beat one of the all time greatest teams in the history of the national championship. Tressel went 14-0 Meyer's national championship teams were what, 13-1 both years they won it?

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Well, Meyer hasn't brought a chip yet but if these weapons pan out (Wilson, Elliot, Marshall, Baugh, Samuel, etc.) it's not even a question as to who is the better coach. I liked Tressel but I always felt like he didn't get the production out of his recruits that other coaches get from theirs. Also, he always played this sportsmanship thing, where he didn't want to run up the score on teams. I could care less. Put the dagger in 6 times if you need to, you know? I think once Barrett works out his first year kinks, 2015, tOSU will be poised to blow teams out.

And you know THIS....man!

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Championships are what define coaches. Urban has more, but not here yet. So you have to say JT's reign was more successful. But Urban has plenty of time, and plenty of people believe he'll get a couple before he's done. 

Doesn't make anyone a homer it makes them objective.

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I would have personally rather played for JT, but Urban's one hell of a recruiter. I think he's a lot more intimidating than JT was. We are fortunate to have had 2 great coaches with different philosophies but the same goals.  

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I enjoy Meyer's style of play and interviews more. He's been very successful on the field too. But Tressel had 10 years of excellence. As an OSU coach, Jim Tressel is the better Ohio State coach. Meyer could eclipse him. It will take a hell of a run though.

And I look forward to seeing it!

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Interesting debate on a slow football news day, agree that championships are the measuring stick. That said, couldn't it be argued that JT inherited most of the talent that he took over the top? What did Urban inherit? A program hit w/ a bowl ban his first year, still took it 12-0, I think it's premature at best to try and make comparisons.  Urban's mountain is also significantly higher to get to a NC, B10 championship, Semi & Championship wins, whenever that run happens, I hope we all realize & appreciate how special that team is. 

When I was 6 I was thinking about this rivalry. This one is seared on your soul, It's ingrained through every part of your body. -Urban Meyer

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I'm a young-timer (?) and I still prefer Tressel. Urban hasn't won a thing yet in his time here and has had disaterous defenses. Obviously will change in the future but JT is still ahead.

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I think being the Ohio State head coach is like the president of the USA even if you don't exactly love them while in office, you still have a lot of respect for them when they are gone. It's a really hard job that takes a special person to do.

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I feel Urban's ceiling is higher and will recruit at a higher level but I doubt he will continue to beat JT in winning % over ScUm. It will also take a long time to match JT's win total over ScUm. Once Urban gets his first NC with the Bucks, he will be one step closer to JT's legacy. If Urban gets two, he at least matches Tressel's legacy.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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If Urban Meyer gets two NCs at OSU, he will have trumped Tressel. But that's a mighty big if. I'm a fan of his, but two NCs at two different schools in two different conferences would put Meyer in very rare air.

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I think it maybe too early to try and compare the two. Let Urban coach at least 5 or 6 more years then bring it up. 

But to go along with this thread, What would weigh more? The 6 B1G titles and 1 national title Tressel brought or (hypothetically) say 2 NT's/B1G titles in a 6 year run by Urban?

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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Lots of love for JT from most who commented on this. I also loved him as our coach. I guesed 50-50 or even 60-40 favoring UFM and it appears I was pretty far off. It seems to be more like 80-20 favoring JT. I'd say the jury is still out and Urban is gonna have to prove it on the field for me to put him ahead of Tress.

Little Dan

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As much as I love Urban, i still wear my sweater vest and khakis to whatever bar I'm watching the game in, in this God forsaken state of michigan. Coach Tressel may be the only person that I would ever be "star-struck" to meet in person.

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Is it safe to say that most Wolverine fans despise JT for ruining their Saturday afternoons in November?

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Give me Urban Meyer over JT but Woody is my favorite Ohio State coach.

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Tressel for me. First, he won a NC for OSU. So it's not close. Second, he was probably the last coach in football who dressed like head coach should. Everyone else looks like an assistant trainer out there. I don't care if he is the current coach, I hate that stupid windbreaker Meyer wears and wish he would put on a tie like the professional he is paid to be. Also,and I know this just my own personal preference, but I hate this spread it out small-ball. I like pro style offenses with QBs that can and do throw the ball with  some degree of proficiency  - and not just to keep the safeties away from the line of scrimmage. I also like to see ex buckeyes in the pros, and enjoy watching them succeed. Tressel was outstanding in that regard. Urban cannot be judged yet on that, but I don't think well see many offensive buckeyes in the NFL in the future. The spread just doesn't translate as well to the pros, small players are not as durable and size is a coveted asset that NFL teams favor for obvious reasons. It may not be a huge advantage to be bigger, but it is a huge disadvantage to be smaller.  Speed just doesn't cover that defection most of the time. Anyway, I still love the buckeyes, and I will cheer for whomever wears the S&G (unless they behave like some of those SEC kids). And I respect Urban and his track record. But if you ask me who I like more, and why . . . Well there it is. If Urban wins the playoff one day we can revisit the debate. 

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I will wait until Urban coaches his 10th season here, or leaves, whichever comes first (hopefully the former, please coach here 10 seasons).  Tressel got a national title and several Big Ten titles, while Urban has just one unofficial Big Ten title (2012 - Wisconsin is a paper champion who benefited off of the sanctions of two schools that they couldn't beat, they should be embarrassed to recognize that title and so should the B1G for letting them).  Urban also has only had two years, and the NCAA screwed the program out of being able to do anything in 2012.  

Class of 2010.

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Tressel, Tressel, Tressel without a doubt  !! My all time favorite OSU coach ! Although I am glad we now have UFM, I still think of the Tressel years as one of the true high points of Buckeye football lore. His players loved him and enjoyed playing for him. Urban has the respect and awe of his players but, I seriously doubt that they really love the guy. I can never imagine UFM's players hoisting him and taking him around The Shoe the way that Tressel's former players did at the last home OSU / TTUN game. Given the circumstances, that was truly an electric moment. Besides UFM has not won anything worth mentioning at OSU, hence until he does, Tress is the MAN !!

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I like Tressel a lot, as a coach, mentor and Buckeye. And he's a much better speaker than UFM. And his defenses were much better (so far), so that an offense that ranked pretty darn low (10th) in the B1G could still win the conference, and beat TTUN. But he did make a big mistake.

I'm still a little unsure about Urban Meyer: about whether his health concerns diminish his coaching "fire," about whether his great record and high-scoring offense at OSU came against a pretty weak league, about whether his offense is too predictable for a good defense, or whether his expectations of Braxton Miller were a bit too high, or whether he and his staff can make the adjustments needed to keep the chains moving on offense and get stops on defense, especially in big games. But he's just beginning his 3rd season, and it's not really fair to judge him until he has all his recruits starting.  I think JT had better players overall to start with.

I hope, in the next few years, we'll think of both JT & UFM as great OSU coaches. And be enjoying OSU's 8th (or more) NC's.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

If you can't win your conference, just quietly accept your non-playoff bowl game.

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Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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Urban and its not even close. Tressell is my least favorite. Give me Coach Hayes then Urban.