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Position Battles

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August 22, 2014 at 2:37pm

Maybe today or tomorrow (Saturday) after practice we will get some word on who the starters will be. Regardless or who they are I hope to see us play at least 2 deep at nearly every position.

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Today isn't August 29th!?!?!? I'm gonna flip in....3...2......

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1! Flip yet?

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Just listing out the position battles that remain 'open':


Center - Boren seems to have the lead

3rd WR (assuming Devon Smith and Dontre Wilson are already starters)

1 Corner

1 Safety

Nickle (or perhaps this is Reeves?)

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I'm really pulling for Billy Price at LG or Center. I think he will grow more as a player throughout the year and if can land a spot he will wind up a down right punisher by the end of the season.

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Unbelievable job by Boren

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I'd like to see Joel Hale lock down the left guard spot. He's a senior leader on this team and we need veteran leadership on the offensive line. He has supposedly taken his game up a level since the spring. 

At center I'd like to see Boren. He's solid and has game experience. I watched some of Chad Lindsay at Alabama and wasn't impressed. He's slow footed and not very powerful. Can't go wrong with a Boren either.