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Did we know this yet - Baldwin declared starter on O-line?

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August 22, 2014 at 1:16pm

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Its looks that way. Cleveland dot com had similar news about Baldwin today.

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This was posted a few days ago that made mention of it.


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It should be three official. I thought Meyer basically declared Elflein as a starter after spring, and of course Decker at LT

This was kind of a expected result but I'm glad its official, kid has worked hard and deserves it. Plus its nice to know the bookends are set for JT to work behind. I'm confident the center position is going to have a stud between each of the candidates, so I really am only wondering about the other guard spot. I was hoping Meechy would step right in and take it, and he still can, but I guess Underwood and others aren't going to give up that easily.

Line is starting to come together. All those talking heads about having to replace 4 starters from last year need to realize its all about Warriner! As long as he is at OSU, Olines will be just fine.

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I'm surprised no one has been talking about Grant being declared the starter over McMillan. 


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I think most expected that. For the first few games, at least.


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yeah, I think many thought that Grant would get the start but Raekwon would see a big chunk of time on the field. I think even Urban said as much that they both will see the field a lot.

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Yes, I thought that was already known but Center and Left Guard were still up for grabs. Hopefully we will see more platooning on the OL too.

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Tom Herman was interviewed on BTN the other day (might have even been yesterday), and he said that he didn't think two years ago that Baldwin would ever start on OL at OSU, but that he now can rest his head easy at night with the confidence that Baldwin is now (based on his improvement over the last two years) the starting RT they've been looking for.

Also kind of an interesting statement by Herman: he feels the current OSU line may actually be more athletic/dynamic than last year's OL, the only thing they're missing is the experience (and he does admit that experience is huge). Looks like the future is bright for OSU's OL over the next few years. I'm especially interested to see how it develops over the next few years when they start adding in some extremely talented youngsters like Jamarco Jones, Big Meech Knox, and even Kevin Feder (now a top100 OL on Rivals) to what looks like a fantastically-solid core.

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Don't forget Kyle Dodson. Seems to be an odd man out at the moment. Would love to see him live up to his potential.

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