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Stadium renovation photos

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August 22, 2014 at 1:13pm

Some nice shots from inside the stadium (not my photos).

I went by the stadium this AM to see the new tunnel. Crews were working so I didn't want to bother them but I did manage to take a couple photos.
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::sparkling eyes::It's booootyful

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Awesome.. Thank you, i wish they painted all the seats scarlet it would look better

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Seats and tunnel looks great. I still think the lights are incredibly ugly though.

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The lights definitely look like 'add-ons', and don't flow with the original architecture, at all.  I suppose they were going for utilitarian over architectural.  A for effort, C- for result.

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mh277907's picture

Can't wait to see it full.


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Awesome!  This new renovation, IMHO really improved the look of the 'Shoe.  Not that it looked bad before...it just looks really great now.  

Thanks for posting DWright. I never would have found these otherwise.  Please leave a comment to receive your up-vote.

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Agreed, I always thought that part of the stadium looked unfinished.  I hope the lights aren't too bright, I loved the way the stands kind of faded to dark, it gave the impression the stadium went on forever.  

BuckeyeNut2012's picture

I could stare at this for hours; it's so beautiful.

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So excited to get to run down that tunnel during the Ohio State Four Miler in 30 days! Go Bucks!

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With the expanded seating, does anyone know/has anyone heard what the new projected capacity is? Is it a significant growth? The big games last year averaged around 105k according to wiki.

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Lord, the south stands exterior facade is so horrible. I hope the next project is making that side worthy of being a part of Ohio Stadium.

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What is going on the upper corners of the South Stands? It looks as though something is framed in there and there is a crane holding something up as well, both sides. Any ideas?

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My guess is playclock.

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The play clock seems to still be on the tunnels for the middle 2 sections where the Block O is on the south stands, that's what I thought originally too, So I assumed it had to be something else. 

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Now we just need to make the top half of the south stands into a second deck, bring it closer to the field, and tuck another 5-7k underneath it.

THAT would be the loudest venue in America of any type.

Edit: Because everybody knows we need more pillars in the stadium to sit behind.

How many cheeseburgers are you gunna drive into that dirty old cheeseburger locker Brady Hoke?

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This is not my picture, but I saw it on Instagram this morning and thought it was definitely worth showing. The new tunnel is looking awesome!

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That is one intimidating Block O

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Can't wait to see the Shoe again in person.  Cincy game.

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Is it weird that I put on my helmet and shoulder pads from high school days and now running around pretending to run over everything as I score td's?

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