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2014 or 2015 Buckeyes better with Braxton

August 20, 2014 at 8:12pm

If Braxton comes back for 2015.  Would that team be better than 2014 with a healthy Miiller  No physical problems assumed.  I believe 2015 would have chance to be a lot better.   Provided all come back vs. entering draft early.   

If 2014 goes undefeated and wins it all - what type of QB controversy would there be for 2015?

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If you believe in the idea of a multiverse then both. There is a universe where the 2014 team is better and then a universe where the 2015 team is clearly superior. There is also possibly a universe where Braxton Miller is a robot so take that for what its worth.

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Is this really worth discussing? 

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Yes - and I touched upon the same topic a day before these posts.  Popular topic for some reason...

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I tend to think more about how the defense will improve in 2015 regardless of our QB situation enough to make that a great team.  Second year under Ash, our recruiting classes from the last 3 years are really starting to come into their own - while it's always hard to lose quality upper-class leadership (who would have thought we'd be talking about our defense improving this year after losing Shazier and Roby?), we seem to have a great group of talented, team oriented guys moving up the depth chart.

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We have a ton of YOUNG talent and speed, most of which will return in 2015.  I think the team as a whole will be better in 2015.  If it were possible, I think a 2015 team with Braxton would be better than a 2014 team with Braxton.

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