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John Thomas Barrett IV

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August 19, 2014 at 9:07pm

Sorry for the repetitiveness... but who else is really excited for the season? Yes there will be growing pains. Yes there will be frustration. But it will be nice to watch our guys play when they have something to prove. And if you haven't yet, watch JT's highlight tape, it gives me faith in him. He's not the fastest guy in the world, but he seems to have a lot of potential as a passer and is a smart kid who can run the read zones. I wish he was our QB of the future, and hearing the news about Brax's RS, he is the QB of the present and future as well.

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BTW, anyone know JT's 40 time??

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His 40 time matters less than his name.

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Yes his name is more important.. but I didn't think I had the wrong name since I checked his bio last night.

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How embarrassing is it that people don't know the starting QB's name?

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Haha no sarcasm font needed, kinda ridiculous

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I look for this offense to be much more balanced with JT at QB. I think we'll see a lot more bubble screens and short quick throws to get the ball into the hands of Wlison, Samuel, and our other playmakers. Give them a chance in the open field to make 1 guy miss, and they're taking it to the house. I'll definitely miss watching Braxton make defenders look like fools this year, but with JT, I think our offense will be just as fun to watch. I'm really excited to see our offense function as whole, instead of relying on Braxton to make plays and bail us out of bad situations. Time to step up JT

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I just don't want to see a lot of interceptions.

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More addition by subtraction!  Yeah.

I hate buckeye math....

Seriously though, I'm going to enjoy watching the young guys go this season, but I'm gonna miss "The Highlight Reel."

Should be a fun season boys!

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Isn't it "Joe" Thomas Barrett?

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Yes, but OSU actually had it listed incorrectly as John on their website as of last night. BTN also called him John Thomas...

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Coach Cooper called him JT Barnette, several times on 10 TV today. LOL

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This may be the reason he goes by JT because no one knows his real name! wow!!!

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Success will fix that name thing for JT, won't be an issue much longer.