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Braxton will return for 2015 season

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August 19, 2014 at 5:43pm

Per statement just released by Ohio State. He's set to graduate in December and will go to grad school.

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thanks for the update

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And the QB controversy begins...

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Whoever is our QB in '15, I feel pretty comfortable saying this: Buckeyes will win the CFB Championship! As soon as Vegas sets down the odds, I'm setting down my money.

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I like the 2015 team, just hope we can keep some of the juniors. 

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The only juniors who might get drafted after this season would be Noah Spence, Taylor Decker, and Joshua Perry (if he has a breakout season).  Of those guys, the only one I see possibly leaving is Spence, and while losing Spence would be a blow, it's a position that Urban has recruited well.  Who knows, maybe Josh Sweat will be competing for that opening next camp.

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They will do it for Braxton. They owe it to him.

-Go Bucks!

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Glad to see him pursuing grad school, but Im a bit worried that another year of college football (or at least practice) would be too risky for him and his potential NFL career. We will see and I hope he achieves all of his goals, just a bit unsure about his return is all, especially if JT ends up developing into a heck of a QB by the seasons end. 

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With this injury I doubt any team would draft him for any position unless he can prove he can be healthy to play again.  I bet his options are come back, play, and get a masters or call it quits after December and live on an undergrad degree.  Both are good options but the first option at least get a masters and a chance in the pros.

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Is it weird I kinda wanted him to wait to say whether or not he's coming back? Maybe like after this season? No doubt it's exciting news though.

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I'm with you. A lot can change from now to Jan.

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He reinjures the shoulder before the season in a non contact drill. Would have played behind four new linemen.

Decides to return in 2015, hopefully healed in full and behind an experienced line.

Things are looking up.

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I can barely contain my excitement for the 30th... looking at 2015 too early will kill me Hove.

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

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I'm right there with you, SD.

But it's a good...well, Andy Dufresne said it best:

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Given Winston, Hundley, Mariota and Petty (among other QBs) are going to be heading to the NFL after this year, Braxton staying another year "should" help his draft stock.

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I feel like I almost jinxed things earlier in the year. We were talking about whether it was a good thing for brax to come back this year and I said that I loved our team but I wasn't sure this year would be our year. I said next years roster was going to be the one to get us over the top and I lamented the fact that not only would braxton not be part of the class that would finally win it, but that by him coming back he would keep the QB of the future from getting a year of experience. In the end, I thought it would be best if he went pro, because the next guy up would get the experience we would need to win in the year I truly believed we had our best shot. I ended my comment by saying that I wished there was a way to keep Brax for an extra year but I knew it wasn't possible. Now it seems the exact opposite is true. Not only will we have braxton for the year I am truly excited about, but we will have another QB with a full year of experience under his belt!

To make a long story short, we have to be able to see the silver lining in this. No matter how good we would be this year, we were already likely to be better next year (pending some of our key juniors staying). Now it appears we will be even more dangerous, and even deeper!

Side note: this is not saying that I am giving up on this year, or that I do not think we will be good, or that im not still excited for the season. I just have always believed that next year would be the year. 

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2015 could be great!!

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I'm all in for this year.  But yeah, 2015 could be amazing.  What if Barrett has a Winston/Manziel type year (even if he doesn't win a Heisman, but say leads us to 10 wins and a bowl) is Braxton the obvious starter….??  I think some say absolutely, but if Barrett goes off, I'm not so sure.

For the record, I think Barrett will do well,  but he won't supplant a 5th year Braxton. 

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Braxton is out for the season after tossing a short pass and not being touched. I think it's time people open themselves to the idea he might be done

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