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JT needs a name

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August 19, 2014 at 4:41pm

Hey guys,

   I'm sure we all know about Brax by now, so I won't beat a dead horse.

Though I'd try to lighten our afternoon by coming up with some nicknames for our new field general.

Obviously JTB is wide open...but thats just initials

I like 50 Cal.....any thoughts?

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Yes, as do I

I also like Braxton,Brax,XBRAX360,BM5....sooo ya

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Joey Football


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i like jt money!

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I've actually been calling him JT Money since the spring game

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Just Touchdowns Baby

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The Bear(Barret).


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Johnny Wichita

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I seriously said 50 cal before reading this so there we go

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Stealing this from Mark Titus, but if anything I like Bad News Barrett.


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Class of 2010.

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I like 50 Cal. Also the whole taking the wrestling Bad New Barrett and Barrett Barrage are good angles too. Side note, I like to see people rallying behind him immediately, hopefully he sees and knows we're with him too.

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Why does JT "need a name"?!  How about "JT Barrett".  My guess is someone already tried to give him a name, and he didn't like it (hence "J.T.").  Why throw anymore pressure on this kid by trying to give him a "kool' nickname... Just let the kid go out there and play.

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Joe Thomas Barrett. 

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Well who pissed in your Cheerios, friend?

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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It just irks me how everyone has to "be the next Johnny Football" or have a nickname.  Why can't we let JT Barrett be JT Barrett, and then if the time comes where some nickname pops up, then so be it.

I don't see why we have to label him a nickname now all the sudden just because he's a start.  Quit trying to put so much pressure on these kids that they have to be the next RS Fr Heisman trophy winner.  Let JT be JT.

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OSU_1992_UFM's picture

So having a nickname makes you Johnny Football?

No, I figured itd be a nice break from hearing about Braxton all day. I suppose thinking a cool name for Curtis Samuel (C4) is basically crowning him the next Percy Harvin too

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

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Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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After this year we can call him National Champion...  (((Sarcasm, unless we win it all)))

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The wrestling fan in me immediately thought of Bad News Barrett.  Him delivering bad news in postgame pressers, #BNB style, would be epic, especially when it's time to give TTUN some BAD NEWS!

Just don't get hurt frequently like the actual Bad News Barrett in WWE.

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JT Football


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lets go bucks!!

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Meyer already gave him the nickname Barnett. 

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Joe Thomas Barrett IV??

gotta be cuatro / Quatro

“Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.” John Wooden

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Yung Mista Make-It-Rain

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How about Heisman Trophy Winner? Eh!? Eh!?

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T-Jizzle? :) im kidding of course.

Buckeye fan from PA

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I'm assuming that people are mentioning '.50 cal' because of the sniper rifle Barrett makes? This makes sense. 

I suppose it would work better if they made the full auto M2, we mounted on our vehicles, instead of Browning

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"Because I couldn't go for three"

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Usually nick names are based off of what they remind you of when playing a game. If J.T. goes out and performs well and OSU starts getting wins, this thread will probably be restarted in another forum topic.

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J.T. Beretta and his Silver Bullets. 

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Just Touchdowns Baby!

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