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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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August 19, 2014 at 3:21pm

The good: this team has a ton of young talent that will develop throughout this season and make us all the more loaded for whoever starts at qb in 2015. And this year will be played with nothing to lose.

The bad: Does this really need to be said? Just keep in mind what is really important though...

The Ugly, which is what inspired this post:

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People disgust me

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

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Stay off Twitter. There... all fixed.

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LOL Greg Grattan

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hope we do better than expected...if so...

there is no greater joy than watching Michigan get slammed. in anything

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If your team's only hope of beating OSU is due to their QB getting injured, I have some bad news.....

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I expected this. Unfortunately, I'd also expect the same thing from bone-headed Ohio State fans if Jameis were to get injured for the season. CFB comes with idiots, folks.


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Good point. I am sure there are also several MSU, Wisky, and ttun fans who are sending their best for him, as many of us would if they lost a guy of his importance.

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SPORTS come with idiots, folks.

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Great revision. I've got one more.

LIFE comes with idiots, folks. See - Human History


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I feel like people are forgetting that this team (minus 1 very talented player) is still the most talented team in the league. Will it be more difficult? Sure. Do I still think we win the B1G? Absolutely.

J.T. as a RS Freshman is in the same position as Winston; Manziel; Marriotta and a lot of other QBs. Alabama has a new QB this year... as does Texas A&M and Clemson, yet nobody is writing them off.

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Is there a jackass section of Twitter? Seems like there should be one, like it would be well populated.


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How To Access the Jackass Section of Twitter:

Step 1: Log into Twitter


I want a fall Saturday in Ohio Stadium..

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I was going to say the same thing LouBuck35 only it was going to be something like "Theres a jackass section?"

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Further investigation on twitter leads me to believe those people commenting are even bigger dbags than this even shows us.

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just goes to show the relevance of Braxton and this team. People wouldn't give a crap if we were talking about a regular QB on another team. The fact that people are rejoicing in this goes to show they were seriously concerned about how good this team was going to be.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

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Wow, what has Braxton done to offend all these people?  Other than being one of the most humble and most talented QB's to play in College in recent history.  It isn't like these people wouldn't take him on their team in a second if they could.  SMH

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I just want to say that last night when 11W crashed, I went to mgoblog (for the first time) just to see what they were saying.  I was shocked that all the posts we feeling bad for Miller and the buckeyes.  They were wishing him the best and hopeful that it was nothing serious. 

I may hate that team, but they did keep it classy.

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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1% of the time

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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1% is being kind.  This is the same group of people that claimed the OSU fans in A2 last year likely deserved to get beaten by a 6'9" behemoth named Taylor Lewan.    I have a hard time believing that group, aside from a small minority,  kept anything classy about it.  It's just not what they do.

Alumni lounge attracts pretty people
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Where's Mark May's response to this? Is he doing a dance in TTUNs helmet? Everyone has to expect this because for every fan of Ohio State there are 2 haters. People either like us or hate and there is a good chance with all the teams we have beat and how good we have been they are bitter. Doesn't mean you go on social media and make a fool of yourself, but what do you expect these day, when no one has to be responsible for their actions on the interwebs.

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his panties are in a wad right now and hes trying to get that taken care of.................

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Fuck These Sum Bitches

Every time I set my DVR to record Biggest Loser......It always records Wolverine Football Games!

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Will be smiling at the negative tweets when we start rolling people with the very deep, talented TEAM we still have. Go Bucks!

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They have no idea what is coming for them. Braxton is just that extra turbo charger on an already tricked out street-rod, that is gonna leave tire tracks on every single one of our opponents this season. I already have scUM buddies busting my hump...yeah good luck with that. I'll take Joey B or Bellisari before Devin "Turf Angel" Gardner any day.

Let's show em what Melba Toast is packin.


Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes- 2014 UNDISPUTED National Champions!

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Fuck those losers who are cheering at his injury. Anyone who does that is an idiot. 

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It just shows how much they fear Braxton.

They're going to soon realize that he wasn't the only one they should fear.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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