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Gerry Dinardo: Huskers D-Line As Good As Bucks D-Line

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August 18, 2014 at 6:14pm

Just opined on BTN Live. He did admit OSU's is deeper.

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We'll see is all I have to say

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First, Gerry Dinardo said it, so...

Second, nothing else needed.

Actually, second...he's gotten a few brief moments to see both lines. He really has no clue...

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I'd take Spence/Diesel/Bennett/Bosa over any D-line in the country. 


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Considering how we felt about the d-line going into 2013, I'm thrilled we're the gold-standard.

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To be honest, I think a lot of B1G Network guys say things like this less because they believe it, and more because they feel like it's part of their job to laud the rest of the B1G / make the conversation interesting. If they wanted to, they really could spend every show talking entirely about how talented OSU is (and MSU to an extent) and no one else. Sometimes I'll hear them say something like this and my ears perk up, in which case I think they're doing what they set out to do: make the B1G seem like a diverse, interesting, talented conference.

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And Fitzbuck thinks OSUs is better and deeper.  Take that Gerry.

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BTN hyping the B1G.

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I want to see how the BTN hypes Purdue and Illinois... Well their team has a lot of hustle... their hustle compares well with some of the top teams in the B1G.

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"Purdue might have the best special teams depth in the Big 10 this year."

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I'm with FitzBuck. 

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Whenever i want opinions on football, I ask former XFL coaches.

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Randy Gregory is the freaking truth though. I'd take him on our d-line, he'd probably start over Spence. He's 6'6 240 and he started 10 games last year for the Huskers, ended up with 10.5 sacks.

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Gerry who ?

"To The House"