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OSU QBs in the NFL Dilemma

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August 18, 2014 at 3:18pm

Don't get me wrong, we have had plenty of great QBs over the years, but none of them (with the exception of Art Schlichter) were ever expected to amount to anything in the NFL.  You have all of these other schools (e.g., Oklahoma, Stanford, USC, Texas, FSU, LSU, and dare I say it, even Louisville!) that consistently produce highly drafted QBs, but OSU never seems to be able to reach that level with QBs.

Why is this?  Is it that there isn't very much QB talent developed in the Midwest region? I guess some could argue that it's the style of offensive play (three yards and a cloud of dust) over the years.  But as prestigious as OSU is football-wise, you would think there would have been at least one NFL caliber QB come through OSU over the years. 

Here's to hoping UFM can fix this trend and develop a QB that can actually translate into something great in the NFL!

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You have all of these other schools (e.g., Oklahoma, Stanford, USC, Texas, FSU, LSU, and dare I say it, even Louisville!) that consistently produce highly drafted QBs, 

Well, for starters I wouldn't say that those schools have "consistently" done it with maybe the exception of USC. Also being drafted highly doesn't necessarily translate to being successful in the NFL. I can't think of a current established upper echelon QB who played for any of the schools that you mentioned. 

TP was drafted in the 2nd (h/t ITIT) 3rd round and he was our most recent starting QB to turn pro, which I think counts as highly drafted

Here's to hoping UFM can fix this trend and develop a QB that can actually translate into something great in the NFL!

This is highly unlikely. The style of offense that we run under Meyer (spread) runs exclusively from the shotgun which puts QBs at a disadvantage going into the NFL. The offense we run also places as much emphasis on being an athletic/mobile running threat as it does being a great passing QB. Although dual-threat QBs are starting to catch on in the NFL, players have to be a polished passer first and athletic and mobile second.


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You are right, consistently was too strong of a word.  And although TP has shown signs of promise, he hasn't necessarily been great in the NFL (yet).

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Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Roethlisberger, Ryan...none of those from those above mentioned schools.

Wilson, Kapernick, Foles, Flacco, Dalton, Newton, RG3, Wilson, Stafford, Cutler...not from the above mentioned.

I think the best player from those schools would be Andrew Luck, from Stanford, who still needs to prove himself before being considered elite.


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Point well taken.  I guess I was biasing the comment more towards QBs that are "expected" to be great in the NFL, even though this may be a dumb way of thinking.  And even though your point is valid, I am still surprised that there hasn't been at least one great NFL QB from OSU.

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TP wasn't taken in the 2nd rd.  It was the supplemental draft.  

Pain don't hurt-Dalton

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He was taken in the 2nd 3rd round of the supplemental draft, which means the Raiders forfeited their 2nd 3rd round pick in the following draft. 

He was drafted in the 2nd, and paid like a 2nd (h/t ITIT) 3rd rounder. Currently makes more than his SB winning teammate, Russell Wilson.


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It was the 3rd so you are both right and wrong

"I'm not going to lie. We're anxious to be a part of a matchup like that. It's two states that love the game of football." -Jim Tressel

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Good looking, I adjusted accordingly.


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I agree with the others on using the word consistently.  Furthermore, while some of the QBs from the schools above may have been drafted,  many do not have a good track record.   Certainly, for USC I would not boast of Matt Leinert, John David Booty, Matt Barkley or Mark Sanchez as great NFL players.   For LSU, we will see what Mettenberger does but Jamarcus Russell was no prize.    And I don't even have to mention the failure that Vince Young was and Colt McCoy is barely hanging on.    At least TP and Troy Smith are still drawing a paycheck playing football.  

Maybe spread offenses do not lend themselves to the NFL, but Alabama runs a NFL style offense and you see what happened to AJ McCarron.  

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It is extremely difficult to play QB in the NFL. It is probably equally as hard to be able to predict how a college QB will perform in the NFL (see: Browns, Cleveland). Even harder to predict how a high school kid will fair in the NFL. That is probably why we see NFL QBs from Miami (OH), Nevada, Purdue, Eastern Illinois, etc. Of those schools you listed, only Stanford has a QB in Luck that is worth a damn or at least proven that he will be worth a damn. So, although it would be nice for us to have a guy have tremendous success in the NFL at that position, I would much rather get a guy that fits our system and has tremendous success here. And, it kinda looks like our system is slowly making its way to the NFL so maybe we will see things change soon.


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Look at Maryland - they've seen a few of their signal callers go on to some success on Sundays.

But I wouldn't trade Ohio State's history for Maryland's.

Ohio State has also had so many players go on to the NFL, so while I would hope one day a Buckeye quarterback (for the record, I still think Pryor can have a good career provided he stays healthy) makes it, I don't think it's marred the success the program has seen overall.

Football is a strange sport sometimes. They're probably already planning for Peyton Manning's space in Canton, but I still remember him struggling to beat Florida while at Tennessee. Then the year after he graduates, Tee Martin leads the Vols to the national championship.

My father still thinks Rex Kern as one of the great on-field leaders of all-time, but Dr. Kern was never even considered an NFL prospect at QB. I suppose three yards and a cloud of dust had that effect.


We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Couldn't possibly care less. Don't get me wrong, I want to see our QBs have success as far as they can go, but good QBs can literally come from anywhere. Some of the most successful QBs in the NFL history come from nowhere - Kurt Warner, Ben Roethlisberger, Terry Bradshaw all won rings and went to multiple Super Bowls while coming from pissant CFB programs, and that's just off the top of my head. It's Urban's job to win football games. That's what matters to me. If Braxton, JT, Cardale, Stephen, etc. go to the NFL and have success, that's even better. However, this just isn't that important of a topic.

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I agree that it is of relatively little importance as far as success goes.  But I do still find it interesting that OSU hasn't produced a great NFL QB over the years.  Maybe I am spoiled, but it would be awesome to someday see an OSU QB do great things in the NFL.

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Alcorn State has done better than us....

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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There has been a ton of QB talent to come out of PA over the years example: Montana, Marino,Namath,Unitas,Kelly, Many many more some of those are all time greats.  and back in that era a lot of school kind of ran about the same thing pretty much.  Not sure if they all had the same exposure though as the kids do now coming out of high school. So i'm Sure OSU maybe could have tried to recruit one of them  and missed..

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Alabama's quarterbacks do jack, so I want to say that I don't really care but I would love to have an awesome NFL quarterback come through, mostly for pride sake and also because I'd like to lure some more polished passing prospects to Ohio State in the future because we have so many offensive weapons

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Decades of "3 yards and a cloud of dust" is hard to overcome. Plenty of wins over the years without the prototypical NFL caliber QB.