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I have two tickets for OSU vs Navy at M&T Stadium For Sale

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August 12, 2014 at 12:38pm

11W Family I have two tickets available for sale for Bucks vs Navy Aug 30th. Seats are pretty solid. The tickets were a gift from my Girlfriend for my Bday. However, being that I just accepted a new gig back in the great state of Ohio (Whoop) I will be moving form the East Coast and will not be able to attend. Leave an email and I will respond ASAP.


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I'd be interested but your email is not on your profile page.

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he's saying leave ur email in ur message and he will send you one

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YTOWNBUCKI send me your email and we can discuss. Seats are pretty good. Section 103 Row 10. Stubhub.com is a good site to use to see your personal viewing angle of the game from the seats.

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If YTOWN doesn't work out my email is sims.zack@yahoo.com. I would at least be interested not sure if I would be able to buy them but for sure interested

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If all the above do not pan out for you edugoon I will buy them. dskrboyce@gmail.com

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I guess I have to regretfully bow out on this one.  The wife was not happy at all when I mentioned it.  Baby duty calls boys...

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Sorry just got mine yesterday

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