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Another 2014 Hype Video *EDITED*

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August 11, 2014 at 1:43pm


I know there's been a bunch of these, but c'mon...can we watch too many? Added


more, that was shown to me this morning.  Sorry if anybody has seen these, but first time for me! Running out of patience for the season to start!  Go Bucks!




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When every single one starts off the same it makes me want to throw up.

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This one is a little different. I really enjoyed it!!! Go Bucks

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Yeah I thought this one was great. Can't wait!!!!

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This one is awesome! I appreciated all the recruiting moments and the Urban Meyer bits... He is all of that!

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Buckeye80's picture

Really struggling to edit the post, but I added another one somebody showed me this morning.  Sorry if these are duplicates, but haven't seen them before.  Running out of patience for the season to start....Go Bucks!

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Great. Now I have to explain to work why I ran through the brick wall next to my desk.


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These video get more creative and better everyday - thanks for posting.