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OSU - Hyde and Roby

August 8, 2014 at 8:21pm

Looked pretty good in their first pre-season game.  Hyde pounded out nearly 40 yards on just five touches, and Roby made some tackles and forced a fumble.  Mr. Pryor did get some good passed off for the Seahawks against Roby, but Terrelle had a chance to  win the game but tossed an INT on the goal line.

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I still feel once the NFL game slows down enough, TP is going to be great.  Too much raw, natural ability to not become one of the game's very good ones.  Was particularly nice to see Hyde rip a few nice carries in the first quarter.  Too bad they shut him down after that.  I know the SF press is glowing and raving about him today.  They love what they see.

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Gotta love the Buckeyes representing in the pros. That helps recruiting to OSU too!

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That reminds me, I read something about Shazier saying that Buckeye fans are turning against him because he was drafted and now playing for the Steelers. I understand that Buckeye players may end up on Pro teams that I may not like, but that has never made me look down or change how I feel about Buckeye players. I have a hard time thinking that our fan base would do that. I have always wanted to see Buckeye players do well in the NFL no matter if they were playing for my Pro team or not. Can somebody help explain why fans change for that reason? Now if an OSU player transferred to *ichigan to play out the rest of their college career, I get that but that's completely a different thing.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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i don't like the steelers .....at all.....but i will always want Ryan and every other Buckeye to be great......


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Those weren't Buckeyes.

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Lets no forget out Boom Herron

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If QB doesn't wok out for Pryor in the next year or two he should become a tight end. With his incredible combination of size, strength, and speed he would be a terror for DB's or LB's to matchup with assuming he will be able to catch. 

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Kurt Coleman with an int for the Vikes tonight too

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