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Ohio State Training Camp Video Analysis

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August 6, 2014 at 7:56pm


Couple things I noticed in the video.

1. 0:39 I like the drills Braxton is going through. High feet in the pocket, rolling out and keeping his eyes downfield. 

2. 0:47, Chris Carter is a big boy, I hope he plays a lot this year. Heard he has gotten stronger and has lost an additional 10 lbs from last year. Like the way he is moving. Agile and a man with that size and strength demands a double team almost every time. That's great for the LBs as it will be opening up space for them to operate and not letting the lineman get to the second level as quickly. 

3. At 0:59, Braxton running the play we've seen alot, especially last year. Read and going through his progressions. And obviously Devin Smith's catch at the end was pretty nice as well. 

4. 1:07, Cardale has a cannon, but it looks like Lattimore is fitting in well as he comes up with the INT. Don't know how to feel about this. It's only one throw though, he could have had many great ones. Do feel good about Marshon getting in there and competing though. Going to be a good one.

5. 1:15, Look like Braxton is adding touch to his throws when he needs to, something I really look forward to. But Jalin Marshall coming down with the catch and exploding out of the cut. Also looks like he has gotten huge. Adding 20 lbs of muscle at least. Hope he sees the field as well. 

6. 1:22, The one I'm MOST excited about. Braxton stepping up in the pocket, putting a great ball in the hands of Dontre and him putting on the burners and scooting down field. I still would love to see Dontre extend those hands and catch it in the diamond, but as long as he is catching it, who cares. 

7. 1:35, Braxton stepping up and putting some juice on the pass to a very speedy and shifty Corey Smith, but Doran Grant steps up and bats it away perfectly. Going to love seeing him against opposing team's WRs. 

8. 1:39, JT Barrett steps up and delivers a ball but is short and picked up by Gareon Conley. Another INT but do feel good that our DBs are having good vision out there and great hands. Chris Ash looks like he wasn't messing around when he came into Columbus. 

9. 1:49, The punter, couldn't leave him out. Already know he is going to be good, gets a solid punt off. The thing I like is seeing Jalin Marshall back there returning punts. I believe him, Corey Smith, Lattimore and Dontre, and perhaps a healthy James Clark could all be very dangerous when you put any 2 of them out there.

10. 1:52, IMO the best part of the video. LJSR and his boys having a good time. Sucked losing Vrabel but replacing him with a guy of LJ's caliber is such a boost. 

I know it's the first week of camp and most of these aren't 100% go but just something I would share since I'm bored and honestly just love Ohio State Football.

It's almost here boys. 

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Forgot to add, if you see anything I missed. Feel free to post it. I want to see more on guys like Booker, McLaurin, Meechy. See how all Dream 14 are doing and some of the other guys as well, like the ones who received redshirts. And sorry if this is posted elsewhere or was posted while I was creating this topic. Thanks boys.

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There's a lot to like in this video, but it's really hard to use it to get an accurate read on how everyone's performing. Gotta see everything instead of just the highlights. I mean we did just see a Purdue highlight video the other day, after all...

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I hope B Miller's shoulder isn't a lingering issue this year.

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I believe he had a laparoscopic surgery for his labrum, which similar to something I experienced with my own shoulders - just need to build strength back into the shoulders - I just hope he doesn't reinjure it from a freak sack

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Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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No worries, like I said I didn't know if it was posted anywhere. Been busy in school and just saw the video on YouTube and saw some things I liked. Thanks for the link, I'm heading over to check the comments and see if people are thinking like I am!

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes