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August 6, 2014 at 3:15pm

So I'm sitting here watching the Cal vs tOSU replay from 2013 on BTN, and one can't help but miss watching Kenny G sling that ball down the field, dude truly will be missed! Will we ever be lucky enough to have a backup qb on the same level as he was? One would certainly hope so..good day to all!

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From what I recall, didn't he put on an option clinic in that game?

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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My question is what would his legacy become if he had won us the Orange Bowl. The opportunity was there on the final couple of drives. Miller was throwing like a jv high school QB by the end of the game with his bum shoulder. Where would you rank Kenny G's legacy among modern time OSU quarterbacks?  

EDIT: I fondly remember reading the 11W Orange Bowl Drinking Game

"FINISH YOUR DRINK, THEN TWO MORE, TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS, WRAP YOUR BELT AROUND YOUR HEAD AND SCREAM "IT'S GO TIME" IF...Braxton Miller gets injured within the first two minutes and it's the Kenny Guiton show" 

I had everyone ready to do it in the 4th Quarter. We may have been chanting Kenny G at times, but I was 12 "Miller Times" deep and it's all vague.

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No legacy. We'd all be dead from our heads collectively exploding.

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I still don't understand why he was a backup last season.

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I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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Are you saying these two highlights prove they're equal running the ball? Are you suggesting that the defenses in these are equal? Are you suggesting anything other than that Guiton is in fact capable of moving?

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Those defenses...

Hey...didn't the coach for M...igan also coach at San Diego St.?



We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Not to take anything away from Guiton's decision-making or management ability, but any tailback on our roster could've made that run with the blocks (and defensive mistakes) he was given.

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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I think we all know that Braxton is the most athletic qb in the nation and he certainly adds that extra possibility of a huge play that the defense has to prevent, but I think Kenny earned a chance to start against a legit opponent. He set single game OSU passing records, albeit against a garbage defense, and came through with the most impressive comeback in recent years. Last year he seemed to be the best qb on the team to me. I thought he should have started after the Northwestern game last year when Braxton shit his pants, I actually thought he should have played in the 2nd half of that game. I'm not saying I'm disappointed with last year, I just don't really understand how Kenny didn't get a chance to start after proving his worth multiple times.

With all of that said, I really am optimistic that Braxton will be more of a leader and a qb this year. He stays healthy and we have a legit shot.

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. He set single game OSU passing records, albeit against a garbage defense

You're underestimating just how bad FAMU was.

and came through with the most impressive comeback in recent years.

I don't remember him playing in 2011 against Wisconsin.

I just don't really understand how Kenny didn't get a chance to start after proving his worth multiple times.

Because Braxton is the better player and it's not even close.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Alright you have a good argument. I agree with everything except I think it's a toss up between 2011 Wisconsin and 2012 Purdue, but no harm both were incredible.

The last point is interesting. Braxton is definitely the better player, maybe not the best prototypical qb, but the better player and that's who Urban wants on the field.

You've swayed me. Hopefully these next few weeks speed up so I can stop worrying about the past.

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Are you serious? Probably because our starting QB is a 2x big ten offensive player of the year, has led us to a 24-2 record over the last 2 years with a poor defense, has finished top 5 in the Heisman voting, and is arguably the best QB at OSU ever. 

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Not a fan of Braxton's development - or lack thereof - as a passer. Kenny Guiton clearly read defenses better, made quicker decisions, and made more consistently accurate throws (especially on those throws 15+ yards downfield). I'll never understand why Meyer didn't give Kenny a fair shot at starting. Yes, Braxton is a better athlete and dynamic playmaker, but go back and look at how many of those plays he made were on broken plays. Scrambles against Iowa, TD pass at the end of the half against Wisconsin, long run against MSU, just to name a few. All plays that were broken because of Braxton holding onto the ball too long or not making a proper read. With Guiton, you didn't get that, because plays were rarely broken; he usually made the quick - and correct - decision of what to do with the ball.

I love watching Braxton "The Athlete" take over games and turn out highlights. But his development as a passer leaves a lot to be desired. He's not even on Chris Leak's level yet, and Leak isn't nearly as talented as Miller.

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I love Kenny, but I think that we severely overrate his passing compared to Braxton's. Name one good defense that Kenny ever played.

Braxton, meanwhile, looked great slinging it this past year against Wisconsin, Penn State and Iowa, three of the best defenses that we played.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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I would upvote this (the op) if I could.

Dot this

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Isn't Kenny now a full-time touring member of KISS? Or something like that?

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He is Gene Simmons' backup, and I, for one, think he ought to be the front man.

Your Noble Savage is a Straw Yeti.

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I dont post on here very often, actually I think this is only the second time I ever have.

I loved Smooth Jazz as much as anyone, but I never understood, why people wanted to pull someone like Braxton. To me it was clear, there was a starter and a back-up. There was reason for that.

Im all for the underdog, its a great story, but when there is a monster wearing #5 ya gotta go with him.

Thanks! Hopefully I can stop being a lurker and start posting more.

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The bad news: Kenny is finished playing for the Buckeyes. The good news: I don't have to hear any more arguments that he should 'be given a chance to start' over Braxton.  Or so I thought.

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Gone, but not forgotten!