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Michigan State Locker Room Problem? Sparty Spelling...

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August 5, 2014 at 2:37pm

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You can also check it out here: (literally here, in the Buckshots)


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Fail. I think I should probably just resign as a forum topic creator. (I am 0 for 2 on re-posting in my career here at 11W. I searched the forums, but missed the buckshot somehow.)

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Wow, I am even worse at this whole forum thing than I thought. Let's just make it official:

"To My Esteemed Fellow 11W'ers,

Please accept this letter of resignation from the forum topics, as I am unable to contribute content that hasn't already been posted previously (twice in this most recent example of buffoonery). As such, you are viewing my final entry into the 11W forums. There were many times that I considered making a new post and then thought better of it. If only I would have done so this time around. Thank you so much for providing me with two years of possibilities and wonder, but I simply lack the requisite speed for today's rapidly posting 11W community. My site search skills have also proven to be underwhelming.

I shall continue to occasionally read the forums- perhaps even commenting from time to time- but until such a time comes that I can stop duplicating posts, I am unable to create any new topics.

I will never forget my brief time as a contributor to your rich forums. Please know that you've given me much joy and laughter during our time together.

All the best,


P.S. O-H!"

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No need to stop posting sir, just do a quick scan of the site before hitting save. Upvotes!!

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Ironically the misspelled word is the word ACCURATE. Too funny.

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There is also no commas or punctuation. This is a terrible run on sentence.

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Indeed, LOL. Not sure if LOL is grammatically correct but we will go with it.

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Inaccurate spelling or not...that 'wall of text' is lame.  At least they now have a reason to get rid of it.

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This type of shit embarrasses the whole conference. I would expect this to happen down south somewhere. The last little card we are holding on to as a conference is academics and the student/athlete thing and then MSU goes and does this TWICE? Not empressed Sparty not empressed at all

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Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Rumor has it, it was the MSU almuni association that printed the signs for the spelling bee contestants to wear last year.

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HA! At a spelling bee of all places. I hope they gave a trophy to the first kid that pointed it out.

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"I personally Believe" never gets old !!

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What about the whereas part towards the end? That doesn't really make sense. It's poorly written, the obvious spelling error, just take it down.

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