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Confused, Darron Lee redshirt

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August 4, 2014 at 11:01pm

Lee finally got his redshirt from last year? I started this post thinking he was a true frosh and then I was confused but I'm still confused

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He's a redshirt freshman, and to add to that, what they were waiting on is an injury redshirt. 

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Hill got a medical redshirt which means he played and basically gets an extra year of eligibility because he didnt play over a certain % of snaps before injury. I thought Lee was just a regular redshirt  meaning he didnt play at all but he also could have received a medical meaning both could realistically play 5 or 6 years similar to Devin Gardner. Great news.

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Yes, it is great news Gardner got a 6th year. 

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Yeah cHOKE pleaded with the NCAA stating that the only chance to beat Ohio was with Gardner. The Ncaa gave him the extra year thinking he meant the Bobcats. 

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Coo', thanks everyone

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